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August 4, 2013

Sunday Roundup – August 4

Unbelievably, it’s August.

Last week was a week of sharing bookmarks I’ve collected over the last little while, mostly items about social media engagement.

What did we talk about?

Summer Can Be Quiet(er) – Marketing Myths

Summer Can Be Quiet(er) #2 – Twitter Etiquette

Summer Can Be Quiet(er) #3 – Facebook Engagement

Summer Can Be Quiet(er) #4 – All Caps and Hashtag History

July 30, 2013

Summer Can Be Quiet(er) #2 – Twitter Etiquette

bookmark-30Continuing on from yesterday – another bookmark – today we’re looking at Twitter Etiquette.

The 10 Essentials of Twitter Etiquette

#2 speaks for itself I think – 2. #Dont #Overuse #Hashtags #In #Your #Tweets #It #Looks #Ridiculous #Stick #To #Three #Or #Fewer #TwitterEtiquette Need we say more? No? Good, ‘cuz we’re out of space.

Why do people do this? Possibly because they want to be searched under as many criteria as possible. Most likely. But it’s irritating as all get out and makes me wonder if you really had anything to say to begin with. And if what you actually had to say is simply the base for hashtags? Hmm.

#5 – equally valid. 5. The people you follow say something about you. This may be a personal thing, but I like to ensure that the people I follow are relevant and adding value. You’d be surprised—especially if you’ve been using the platform for some time—at how many of the people you follow add no value.SocialBro is a great tool to help you clean up your following list. Twitter frowns upon following/unfollowing en masse. What does this have to do with etiquette? If you’re invited to a dinner party with a plus-one, you’re going to want to make sure the person you bring is an engaging guest, not a total mess.

I like it because it goes along nicely with my social media as cocktail party analogy. And I’m going to check out SocialBro later today. I’ll post you on results. Meantime, check out the 10 rules and see what you’re doing right – or maybe shouldn’t be doing at all.

April 3, 2013

Supporting the Arts in Many Ways, Legoland and Social Influences

Lots going on at City Hall this week – Toronto City Council is about to vote on whether to approve $6 million in arts funding for the 2013 budget. Volcano has put together a comprehensive blog post on the number of ways you can show your support in Erupting Now.

You read that correctly –  the six million in arts funding we all celebrated? It’s not a done deal. They still have to approve it. Our work is not done, make your voice heard.

I mentioned yesterday on Facebook and Twitter that the City is  collecting feedback on what we think the funding priorities are in an online survey (click here). Given the public consultations about this begin on April 6th, I’d be inclined to fill it out prior to that.

Speaking of arts, I was at the opening night of Legoland last night, and had a great time, it’s always a treat to head over to Passe Muraille, see art, see people, and talk about art and lipstick with folks.  Legoland was a favourite of mine when it was in the 2010 Fringe, and it’s still as darkly quirkyfunny. Much fun.

From – Social Influencers: Digital Marketing’s most overlooked and misused resource. If anyone from CDAM 101 is reading today – this infographic describes what we were talking about in last week’s social media class when we ran out of time. Enjoy!


January 24, 2013

A Room Full of Participants

Last night was the second night of the Paper Nickels CD release party.  Packed to the rafters again.  I was looking around the room and realized that though there were a tons of different faces than the night before – a lot of them were the same. People had come back to hear the same band two nights in a row (not the same songs, mind you, but you see my point.)

We talk about patrons and ticket buyers and audiences and purchasers and engagement. And sure all those people were in the room, everyone had one or more of those labels on them, but there seemed to be something more than an audience and engagement. These folks were actively participating. They knew songs, they knew the songwriters, they shouted requests, they laughed and applauded, they talked about the music, the band members, the band. They all had a clearly vested interest in being there. And I don’t know that any of those interests were exactly the same, but again you see my point.

Participating is different. It’s like you’ve got hand in the game. Participants don’t ask friends if they are going to something, they ask friends when they are going to something.  It’s not should we go, it’s we’ve got to go.

I’m not saying participants always buy in advance, I myself am the queen of advance purchase and still didn’t buy my ticket til the morning of.  But I knew I was going. I felt like I was already part of something bigger than “let’s go see a band/a play/a whatever” – I wanted to be present for something that was already part of my life.

How are you getting folks to participate in your work?

Little bit of Corin magic that I think most folks who read this will smile at and nod in agreement. It’s still cold out there – this should warm you up.

December 27, 2012

2012 Round-up

top-10-listI confess that I love year-end lists and round ups.Grat sense of satisfaction in them for me, they’re orderly, I like seeing if I agree or disagree, the whole thing.

I’ve read most of the Toronto culture (theatre) round ups – delighted to report that Proud has held its own Michael Healey was nominated for a Menschie (GridTO) for Proud, Proud made the Star’s top ten list, Maev Beaty made its top five list of artists, Proud made NOW’s top ten list of theatre productions, and Maev made NOW’s top ten list of theatre artists. I am – so very Proud. And maybe a little weepy.

With this in mind I present to you the top ten posts of for 2012.

Dear Rob
Hands down the most popular post of the year, with literally ten times the number of
views as an average post. Given the controversies he’s faced this year, perhaps he’ll see it, read it and take it to heart.
He Said, He Said, She Said, We All Said
More controversy. More on this later.
A Picture Is Worth a K.I.S.S.
A Pinterest post – I think my second. Though I personally still don’t partake in pinning, I absolutely see the value in it for other folks and my clients.
On Family vs Public
More controversy. More on that later.
Can’t See What He-She-They Said for the Words
Word cloud of controversy. More on that later.
I’ll Take Director Fury’s Advice
Still wise words – keeping it simple. Working around things.
Did Churchill Really Say That? Has Anyone Said Anything Since?
Apparently not. Apparently there are no more good quotes about the arts. We should make some.
SWF Seeks Basic Website – must be attractive, clean and open to sharing…
Y’all loved this post. Pure information.
Who Has the Keys to the Customers?
I felt like this was an incredibly practical post that came out of a moment of sheer frustration.
My Thoughts on Starting a Theatre Company
A combination of three ideas/posts in one, all of which occurred in my life at the same time.  These sentences speak to me: “if it is in your heart to start an organization then you HAVE to do it.  The world may need it. But if your heart isn’t in it.  If you aren’t committed.  Don’t even think about starting.” 

So! About that controversy! It was an angry year this year. 2012 – year of anger and hurt feelings. A lot of it. Not without reason. A lot of tempers flaring, and walking away or being sent away and arguments days, weeks, months later. Folks who couldn’t take a side, folks being forced to take sides, folks who wanted to be told what side to be on, and a lot of divisiveness throughout.I said, you said he said she said.

“You know I can’t take sides but-”

This was a public statement, that was a private one, she told me this, I told him that.

Exhausting. I will say some good thought and opinion pieces came out of this year, that we all learned something, somehow, somewhere. I just wish it didn’t take such controversy to bring us all out to the table. A lot of fiercely smart talented people out there – I’d like to hear more from them on other matters.

Tomorrow – kind of another list, but with pictures and things that made me happy. The above list was what you all clicked on the most – tomorrow will be the things that clicked inside of me.

December 7, 2012

Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Data?

imagesShort post today. Man what a week. And am giving a deputation at budget committee Monday, so expect to hear about that too.


I keep seeing more and more analytics/SEO/data mining seminars, webinars, in person conversations being offered, there seems to be a big bump lately. I think it’s excellent. I think more arts orgs should be taking courses like these.

But I have one question – once you know, what are you going to do with this information? Once you’ve SEO’ed, then what?

Are you going to change your poster distribution areas?
Stop telemarketing?
Start holding talkbacks? Stop having talkbacks?
Post more (or less) on Facebook and Twitter? Add or subtract video?

Information is an incredible thing. I love stats. But having them is one thing, and using them is another. Collect your data. More importantly – use it to better market your art, please. If you’re not going to, then it was just an afternoon out of the office.

November 7, 2012

Big Night Last Night

It’s a good speech.

I’m off to do a webinar, and then do some work for art & lies theatre company  production of In Adagio, and do some word tweaking for The Quickening theatre company, and a social media editorial calendar for OCAF and for Young Associates.

And then I’ll do some work for Tuesday’s Day at the City.

Congrats to YPT and Nancy Webster – delighted you’re back!

September 30, 2012

Sunday Round up September 30

Well, September went fast…and I didn’t even manage to get a round-up in place last week. So!

Where have you BEEN this week?

Linky Friday

Because We’re Singing Into Theatre Season Again

22 Rules to Live By

Post Now, Nap Later, Consult in the Fall

A couple other things that caught my attention last week:

Top Toronto city managers report culture of fear, bullying   – I’d find this disturbing to hear in any workplace, but even more so in the workplace that runs our city.

And this image is an excellent addition to 22 rules to live by, and I think now more than ever – you could add in so many other distractions.



August 26, 2012

Sunday Roundup – August 26

And with that – there goes summer as we know it. September by the time we hit the next roundup – amazing.

Back to school, back to the theatre season – here we come!

Business is Booming and Introducing Camp Tech

From Toronto to Detroit

No, You Probably Couldn’t
Have a great summery Sunday – supposed to be hot out there!


July 29, 2012

Sunday Roundup – July 28

Next roundup – it will be AUGUST.

It has been an insanely busy week with work on HOMEbody and work on Proud, and proposals for new and returning clients and not much time for blogging. So there you go.

In Which we Talked

post about a fantastic workshop on Monday – which led to an unposted post, which went unpublished due to timing, which I’ll post below:

Where are People Talking?
Was at a party last night, great smart people, the wine flowed, the ideas flowed. I stepped out on to the balcony with a couple of friends to continue a great discussion about a current arts topic  near and dear to our hearts. It was great until the host came out and told us he’d prefer that we have that conversation in the living room, as that’s where it had started, and he’d planned for it to happen there.

Of course this didn’t happen in real life. Can you imagine?

But it’s what you’re telling me online when you get annoyed that conversations about your post are happening somewhere other than where you  started them, be in website vs Twitter feed, Facebook vs blog post.
We talked about this on Monday as part of that great conversation. Conversations happen where they happen and in fact may be inherently more valuable happening off your site than on. Accept them where they are, and monitor as lovingly as you would if it was on your blog. And when your editor or boss demands to know why the post comments are so low, show them the dozens of Facebook threads that popped up because of it, or the fact that your org now has a new hashtag created by commenters. But don’t tell people where to talk – or they possibly won’t talk at all. And that is the end of your party, all but the sucking.

This happened last week too.

And then noises started being made about boycotting Summerworks because Factory is one of the rental venues. And I said it once and I’ll say it again, I’ve never heard of anything quite so ridiculous in quite some time.

Emotions are understandably running high, ideas and thoughts and for and against are getting muddled together.  I’m fascinated by everything that’s happening from every position as this rolls out. More and more opinions and options and angles are coming to light.

This weekend I noticed that although stirring the pot while cooking keeps it from boiling over,  it’s the opposite in social media.

In which case – if you are going to stir the pot, be there for the inevitable boilover. And if you’re stirring – have a damn good reason for doing so.

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