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January 24, 2013

A Room Full of Participants

Last night was the second night of the Paper Nickels CD release party.  Packed to the rafters again.  I was looking around the room and realized that though there were a tons of different faces than the night before – a lot of them were the same. People had come back to hear the same band two nights in a row (not the same songs, mind you, but you see my point.)

We talk about patrons and ticket buyers and audiences and purchasers and engagement. And sure all those people were in the room, everyone had one or more of those labels on them, but there seemed to be something more than an audience and engagement. These folks were actively participating. They knew songs, they knew the songwriters, they shouted requests, they laughed and applauded, they talked about the music, the band members, the band. They all had a clearly vested interest in being there. And I don’t know that any of those interests were exactly the same, but again you see my point.

Participating is different. It’s like you’ve got hand in the game. Participants don’t ask friends if they are going to something, they ask friends when they are going to something.  It’s not should we go, it’s we’ve got to go.

I’m not saying participants always buy in advance, I myself am the queen of advance purchase and still didn’t buy my ticket til the morning of.  But I knew I was going. I felt like I was already part of something bigger than “let’s go see a band/a play/a whatever” – I wanted to be present for something that was already part of my life.

How are you getting folks to participate in your work?

Little bit of Corin magic that I think most folks who read this will smile at and nod in agreement. It’s still cold out there – this should warm you up.

January 22, 2013

Three Articles on Social Media, Two Artists Doing it Right


Don’t Spend It Honey dioramas: Washing Line – by A Shay Hahn, as seen in the Paper Nickels CD book

Chilly out there. Here’s some stuff to read.

Reasoning behind this post? Talking with a friend last night over dinner about how some  social media is done really really well. And other social media is being done in such a half-assed fashion that it makes me grind my teeth.

Also it’s kind of a written down version of the social media seminar I gave last week for b[ART]er and I needed to do that as the Great Computer Crash of 2012 lost me my presentation notes.

Looking at the done really, really well examples – two friends of mine Andrew Shay Hahn (visual artist) and Corin Raymond (troubadour).  So we’re clear –  I’m not talking about big companies with budgets and staff and communications teams – these are people. And artists – I don’t presume to talk about the twitter habits of Hyperglobalmegacorp, Inc.

How are they doing it well? The last three words of that sentence up there – these are people. You know it’s them, you know they are real. They tell stories, they engage, they don’t ask you to do things for their benefit only, they have fun. You want to meet them in real life – as people. Much as I hate the “I’d like to have a beer with Presidential candidate X” – it’s true in this instance. Last night we kept trying to think of the reasons why their efforts work so well and kept coming back to,  “Because it’s Shay. Because it’s Corin.” Always came back to the person.

Their followers feel as though they are a part of something bigger, and it translates into – yes, again – real people.

The social media world we work in as artists is a small one. There’s a person behind every click, every like, every comment, and odds are good we know many of the people behind those clicks, likes and comments. Because social media has the word social in it does not mean it’s not a business (yes, we’re talking business here, Do whatever you’d like on your wall – cats, babies, famous quotes from unknown people – your call.)

Social media is trickier than traditional marketing. I expect a poster and a postcard as a reminder/call to action/buy a ticket. That’s its purpose. It’s a one way push out –  I want you to do something. Social media indicates wanting to engage with someone.  Give and take, back and forth.

“Do you know so and so?”
“Yes – well I mean, we’re friends on Facebook.”

That’s a whole new arena of friendship to maneuver through. How does some one know you, if they “only” know you through Facebook? Or follow you on Twitter?

I go again to my constantly used example of social media being like a cocktail party. Think of the people you want in your house, and who you’d want to talk to at a party. Is it the guy who’s constantly blathering about HIS stuff, never letting you get a word in edgewise? The host who won’t let you have a conversation anywhere but in one spot? Or is it the person who is funny and charming and seems to genuinely be interested in you as a person, not what you can do for them?

If social media is the only way you can afford to market, I totally get that. But just because you build it doesn’t mean they will come. If you are inconsistent or excessive or it’s all about you – don’t expect it. Clicking “like” is not a difficult task. Actually liking takes a bit more work – make it worthwhile. And if you’re not sure how to begin, three articles below. And if you’ve already started without being sure where to begin, read up, keep warm!

26 Tips for Getting Started with Social Media Marketing

Eight Rules of Social Media Customer Service You Can’t Ignore

Before You Run A Social Media Contest

January 21, 2013

Documenting your Show

A2S82pAWfeifFjPUGFxqe6cq9YITVTJDZZDOuQMq1DQSpent yesterday talking about live music and new venues for it and art and film and pixels with one great group, then spent more time talking with another amazing group of artists from Zed.To  about the business of their art. Excellent Sunday.

You might remember in December I wrote an article for the Charlebois Post on Emerging Companies and Marketing (it’s linked there in case you haven’t read it yet).

It’s January and the incomparable Dahlia Katz has written an excellent article on theatre photography. Read it – it’s brilliant and true and teaches you things you might not know, and confirms others you do. She knows of what she speaks , in fact she won Charpo-Toronto’s Photo of the Year 2012. Her closing line is unbelievably true and sometimes something we can sometimes forget in the whirlwind of putting together live performance:

Theatre is an ephemeral thing.  Take the time and the money to memorialize it with dignity, sophistication and professionalism.

Go read.

Tomorrow I’m heading to the Tranzac for the Paper Nickels CD Release party. I cannot wait – I’ve talked numerous times about Corin Raymond and the Canadian Tire Money Caper and it’s coming to fruition. More on that later. ETA – this is what I’m talking about:



December 11, 2012

a happy non-traditional fundraising post

ct moneythis whole caper has filed me with joy from the get go – Corin Raymond’s Canadian Tire Money Caper.

From the website: The Great Canadian Tire Money Caper of 2012 is almost over. In January I’m putting out a new (double) album called Paper Nickels, and the production of it has been almost entirely paid for with Canadian Tire money. The bill from The Rogue Music Lab here in Toronto (a studio which has accepted Canadian Tire money at par for twenty years) for the two-disc, twenty-song album which my band and I recorded live at The Tranzac Club last January, comes to $7,333.75. The total I’ve amassed over the past 11 months is  $5,824.30. That’s the tally right now. It changes every day. Read more

Nearly SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS in Canadian Tire Money. And he’s so close to his goal. If you’ve got any CT money – check the glove compartment, the junk drawer, the home office, because everyone’s got some somewhere – the mailing address is on the link above. And a photo of just what that much Canadian Tire money looks like.

So pleased and proud to know someone like Corin.

December 6, 2012

Arts, Culture, Politics, Interns, Two good Bands

Frida_KahloBrrr out there.

Spent yesterday at the AGO chaperoning a group of Grade 11 visual arts students from Jarvis Collegiate, we went to see the Kahlo-Rivera exhibit. It’s fantastic, and apparently although it’s not the first time they’ve shared an exhibit, it is the first time that their works have been interspersed with each other (as opposed to the Kahlo room and the Rivera room, type of thing). It adds a really interesting context to their pieces. The place was packed – go and see it before it closes. It was another great group of students – I had a good time, they’re quite talented and fun to talk to.

Also saw This is What Happens Next, the MacIvor-Brooks piece courtesy Necessary Angel. Great work, and thought provoking. Go see that too.

This is interesting, especially after TAPA Day At The City a couple weeks back: Councillors look to increase arts funding.

For ten years, various Toronto City Councils have periodically affirmed and re-affirmed our commitment to increase the per capita arts and culture funding to twenty-five dollars,” (the two councillors) wrote in the letter. “Unfortunately, previous political commitments remain unfulfilled.”

Budget Deputations are next week, I’m 44th on the list on the 10th. Wish me luck. On that note here are two great pieces from the fine folks at torontoist: Toronto’s 2013 Budget: A Decoder and Toronto’s 2013 Budget: How to Follow Along.

Speaking of music, two things – I saw Simple Damned Device at the Painted Lady the other night – excellent music and band. I will be paying closer attention to them. Their lyrics really twig something in me, particularly their songs “Monsters” and “Furious”. And I need to see the full lyrics for “Poor Alice”, because that said something to me too.

And do you remember a few months back I was talking about the irrepressible Corin Raymond and his Canadian Tire money campaign? He’s got over SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. In CT Money. I know right? More info is here, including how to donate, the CD release party, etc. Mon oh man.
Sue Edworthy Arts Planing is hiring an intern. The posting should be up on Work In Culture today or tomorrow.

On that note I am off into the day. Brr out there. Keep warm! Where’s your mitts?

January 22, 2012

Sunday Roundup – January 21

I have been in meetings all week, and bookmarking things  like crazy to post about and thinking about blogposts and not having had a chance to do anything about it as I sort out an  influx of new clients for marketing, for media, for business planning and continue to work with current clients on marketing and web, and meeting with potential clients for the months ahead, reading scripts, and sending notes to folks I want to work with and talking to them about their future plans. Working, dreaming, creating.

Things are marvelously busy and I’m happy as heck.

So it’s Sunday, and I’ll hook you up with some interesting reading – get another cup of coffee and there you go.

Monday was Library Day and I’ll recommend When She Woke which I got out and finished on Thursday. It said on the back cover that it channels Nathaniel Hawthorne by way of Margaret Atwood in this fast-paced, dystopian thriller and you know? It DID.

From the GuardianShould theatre leave more to the imagination? I remember discussing an offshoot of this idea in Grade 12 English class and how the words on the page could convey just as much as any set.  It was a thought-provoking discussion and I bet it would be even more so today. Shining example? Read on… The moon shines bright: in such a night as this,

From slate.comWhat’s the Best Way To Get Users To Embrace Mass Transit? – I liked this quote – “ “A transit map that makes all the lines look equal,” writes Walker, “is like a road map that doesn’t show the difference between a freeway and a gravel road.”

I do love mashable. Always something to think about: Why Social Media Is The New Gallery.  Many interesting points and some success stories – but I can’t imagine them completely replacing the chance to go in somewhere and see the work up close and personal.

A reminder that Social Media Week is fast approaching, is FREE and sessions are filling up so I’d advise you to decide what you’re going to and get registered. I’m down for four sessions so far, plus the one I’m doing and don’t forget there’s a party every night.

Oh if anyone missed what happened with the City Budget last week, I am sending you to torontoist to find out. Once again they’ve done a fantastic job with coverage of all things municipally political. I will also send you to this fantastic article by Edward Keenan – we actually had some political intrigue going there!

Anyone who knows me knows I tend to frequent the Cameron House on a Thursday evening to listen to Corin Raymond and the Sundowners, and Corin is making headlines these days – if you’ve been hearing tell of a musician who’s paying for his studio time in Canadian Tire money – that’s Corin. It’s coming in from all over Canada – so go check the junk drawer and visit for more info. It’s good for your soul. Speaking of which, so is this – have a listen, it’s one of my favourites:

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