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April 18, 2013

The Promised Arts PSAs

PLAY-ProudI said yesterday that once I’d finished shaking my head, I’d be back today with a stack of art-type PSAs . Lisa and I have compiled  the following.
Actually, before we get to them, I wanted to tell you how immensely thrilled I am that Proud has been picked up by GCTC in Ottawa to open their 2013 season in September. So very, very pleased.

1) The Gladstone Hotel offers life-drawing classes almost every Wednesday night at 8 pm, usually in the Art Bar. Bring your own materials.

2) Call for Submissions: Applications Open for the Next Stage Theatre Festival – click here for details.

3) Seth Godin’s Field Guide to the Meeting Troll – we’ve all been in meetings with this person.

4) From Imagine Canada – Five Common Mistakes in Grant Writing

5) Call for Submissions: StART Mural Program, StreetARToronto and an excellent accompanying article about street art

6) The 2013 Fringe Festival is just around the corner, and having completed the first read-through of Dan Reddican’s musical It’s Always You  last week, the hunt for rehearsal spaces has begun. Luckily for us (and you!) the Fringe has compiled a list of rehearsal spaces around the city. It’s a reliable and comprehensive list with specific details about sizing and pricing, and it will depend on what suits your needs. Our top three spaces so far are COBA (585 Dundas St. E, Suite 130 Daniels Spectrum), the Bloor St. United Church (300 Bloor Street W) and Lower Ossington Theatre (100A Ossington Ave).

7) And finally – further to yesterday’s post about your product and your brand – from courtesy a friend of mine – How to Communicate in the Midst of Tragedy.  Number Six is a doozy.

December 27, 2012

2012 Round-up

top-10-listI confess that I love year-end lists and round ups.Grat sense of satisfaction in them for me, they’re orderly, I like seeing if I agree or disagree, the whole thing.

I’ve read most of the Toronto culture (theatre) round ups – delighted to report that Proud has held its own Michael Healey was nominated for a Menschie (GridTO) for Proud, Proud made the Star’s top ten list, Maev Beaty made its top five list of artists, Proud made NOW’s top ten list of theatre productions, and Maev made NOW’s top ten list of theatre artists. I am – so very Proud. And maybe a little weepy.

With this in mind I present to you the top ten posts of for 2012.

Dear Rob
Hands down the most popular post of the year, with literally ten times the number of
views as an average post. Given the controversies he’s faced this year, perhaps he’ll see it, read it and take it to heart.
He Said, He Said, She Said, We All Said
More controversy. More on this later.
A Picture Is Worth a K.I.S.S.
A Pinterest post – I think my second. Though I personally still don’t partake in pinning, I absolutely see the value in it for other folks and my clients.
On Family vs Public
More controversy. More on that later.
Can’t See What He-She-They Said for the Words
Word cloud of controversy. More on that later.
I’ll Take Director Fury’s Advice
Still wise words – keeping it simple. Working around things.
Did Churchill Really Say That? Has Anyone Said Anything Since?
Apparently not. Apparently there are no more good quotes about the arts. We should make some.
SWF Seeks Basic Website – must be attractive, clean and open to sharing…
Y’all loved this post. Pure information.
Who Has the Keys to the Customers?
I felt like this was an incredibly practical post that came out of a moment of sheer frustration.
My Thoughts on Starting a Theatre Company
A combination of three ideas/posts in one, all of which occurred in my life at the same time.  These sentences speak to me: “if it is in your heart to start an organization then you HAVE to do it.  The world may need it. But if your heart isn’t in it.  If you aren’t committed.  Don’t even think about starting.” 

So! About that controversy! It was an angry year this year. 2012 – year of anger and hurt feelings. A lot of it. Not without reason. A lot of tempers flaring, and walking away or being sent away and arguments days, weeks, months later. Folks who couldn’t take a side, folks being forced to take sides, folks who wanted to be told what side to be on, and a lot of divisiveness throughout.I said, you said he said she said.

“You know I can’t take sides but-”

This was a public statement, that was a private one, she told me this, I told him that.

Exhausting. I will say some good thought and opinion pieces came out of this year, that we all learned something, somehow, somewhere. I just wish it didn’t take such controversy to bring us all out to the table. A lot of fiercely smart talented people out there – I’d like to hear more from them on other matters.

Tomorrow – kind of another list, but with pictures and things that made me happy. The above list was what you all clicked on the most – tomorrow will be the things that clicked inside of me.

November 25, 2012

Sunday Round-Up November 25

Before I dive into a three-scripts-to-read day, I’d like to mention I have no idea who this dog is calling. Or why he doesn’t have a cell phone. Or where he got change to make the call.

And so here we are, rounding up last week:

It’s Tuesday – indeed it was.

Clocks Youth and Burgers – Didn’t get to see the Clock the Burger Ball was a great success (search #burgerball) and I’m happy to report the field trip ad designs are in so expect to see them sometime next week.

You Just Proved Advertising Works – well, you did.

Someone asked me the other day who I’ve been working with lately so here you go. I’m still working with Michael on past, present and future stuff for Proud, tying up some social media work for Young Associates, doing the marketing/social media for Expect Theatre and Awake for Next Stage, social media for OCAF, just finished lending a hand to Arts & Lies Productions, working on a strat plan with Small Print Toronto, and still more planning with Math Out Loud. So there you go. Things in the hopper, other irons in the fire, hence the reading of scripts today. Busy and happy with great projects.

Also – an article on Facebook and Edgerank – so everyone calm down. Thanks Rebecca! There’s also a great one in this week’s MacLean’s – have a read. I’m still not clear where anyone got the idea that all their fans would see all their posts all the time. If you had flyers, postcards, print ads, direct mail – would you have thought everyone had seen them? Even if they were up in the theatre you worked out of, or your admin offices? Food for thought.

Have a good Sunday.


September 21, 2012

Linky Friday


What a week. You might have noticed I’m working on a few things.

Opening shows…you printed and distributed the postcards and posters, and got the pre-press, and booked the ads, and created the Facebook page and you can’t seem to talk to anyone without mentioning the show you’re working on and offering dates and details and here, just take a flyer. You’ve created the buzz.

Is anyone coming? All you can do is hope so. Well, I mean you could rent a bus and drive round the city and tell people to get in, you’re taking them to a play, but you probably don’t have an F class license and –  really? Calm down.

A few links this week I’d been saving for a rainy day – today seems appropriate.

Why are you in business? The first question brands should answer
According to Mr. Sinek, by focusing on the “what” and “how,” companies miss an important opportunity to connect with customers by explaining the “why” behind the brand. When you address the why, you get to the true essence of a company and have an excellent platform for customers to relate to it.

I Want To Put You In  Category – thought this was was interesting, given the work I do.

Collaboration in kind: arts and business partnerships beyond the cheque
Despite the financial element to transactions such as these, the real strength of this approach lies in exchanges that are not based purely on money. While Robertson admits that straightforward philanthropy plays a sizable part in the funding of most arts organisations, including his own, he firmly believes that “the healthiest relationships are often based on something a bit deeper than that”

Wonderful. Happy Friday  – second preview for Proud, second show for HOMEbody. I’m outta here.

September 7, 2012

Theatre Picks and Street Art


Was very pleased to see that Proud and HOMEbody both made torontoist’s Fall Theatre Picks!

This is also very cool and I can`t wait to see it: Street art: Virtual museum aims to catalogue public art around the world.

The Fringe is looking for a Development Managerfor a mat leave, and don`t forget THE FRINGE IS TURNING 25!  Toronto Fringe Festival 2013 is going to be a huge celebration of theatre and art.  Want to be a part of it?  Applications will be available mid-September, so be sure to check back with us for important dates and deadlines.


Have a good weekend, first one after the back to schoolness of it all. And happy TIFF-ing if you`re doing so!


August 26, 2012

Sunday Roundup – August 26

And with that – there goes summer as we know it. September by the time we hit the next roundup – amazing.

Back to school, back to the theatre season – here we come!

Business is Booming and Introducing Camp Tech

From Toronto to Detroit

No, You Probably Couldn’t
Have a great summery Sunday – supposed to be hot out there!


August 20, 2012

Business is Booming and Introducing Camp Tech

Homebody goes into rehearsals next week, Proud goes into rehearsals next week, and I’ve signed on to work with two repeat clients that take me well into the new year.  Two social media for artists workshops coming up in the fall. I’m also working with a group out of Vancouver  – a piece for young audiences called Math Out Loud , aimed at high school students to show them how math affects everything in life from the curve of a river bed, to music to Escher. Click here for their promo video.

Jeez, business is good.

If I had time right now – I’d absolutely be going to this – Camp Tech. You’ve heard me brag about Avery Swartz before – she did my business cards and the logo you see on my website, did the design for Proud and is just all around darn good at what she does. Now she’s expanded her business – CAMP TECH.

Camp Tech offers practical, professional tech skills training in a fun & friendly environment. Our relaxed, informative, & hands-on classes in downtown Toronto are for anyone curious to learn more about technology.  Click here for classes in everything from Photoshop to html and SEO.

Nice going, Ms. Swartz.

I marvel every so often about the business I am in and the work that I do. I’m surrounded by talented, creative people and it makes me happy.  And now I’m off to lunch with uber-photog Dahlia Katz, before coming back and finishing cash flows and distribution plans (I didn’t say it was ALL glamorous…)



August 12, 2012

Sunday Round-up August 12

The first two weeks of August are usually quiet for my blog What went on?

Pro-Artist/Anti-Institution, PTTP deadlines and a Book Sale!


Two Very Different Shows

Since it was so quiet, here are a couple of great articles that were on the Creative Trust blog last week:

A Good Board at Work and We Have to Tell Our Stories. Thought-provoking – enjoy!

August 10, 2012

Two Very Different Shows

HOMEbody and Proud – and I am pleased to be working on them both.

July 22, 2012

Sunday Roundup – July 22

And here we are again on Sunday. Last week:

Some Final Fringe Numbers and Thoughts – Fringe kicked butt again this year.

Viva Voce -A little Latin for Word Of Mouth.

He Said, She Said, We All Said – where Facebook got interesting last week, and four open letters.

Can’t See What He-She-They Said for The Words – and we took the open letters and made pictures out of them.

Other than that…

This week I’m giving a marketing workshop attended a very smart group of women in the arts. Extremely excited about working with them all.

And I’ve signed on to give a marketing workshop in the fall for Work In Culture.

The Edward Bond Festival has wrapped, Dirty Butterfly has closed, and I’m absolutely thrilled that both were such great successes.

I’m  working on marketing and PR for HOMEbody with Shannon Litzenberger, and producing Proud with Michael Healey, meeting with previous clients for new contracts, and new clients to see how we can work together.

And I’d say life is busy and awesome and good.  Happy Sunday!


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