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December 24, 2014

Thank You 2014!

The end of 2014 is nearing – I always thank my clients and this year is no different. A big holiday thank you to the companies and artists in 2014 who kept me loving what they create and loving what I do. Here’s to a great 2014 –  may your 2015 be exceptional!

2014 Siminovitch Prize
Cart/Horse Theatre
Expect Theatre/Spark Productions
Filler Up Inc
God Is In The Dairy
Kaeja d’Dance
Kids Entertainment
Modern Times Stage Company
Orchestras Canada
Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund
The Dance Current
Theatre a GoGo
Theatre Rusticle
Toronto Festival of Clowns

Other orgs I’ve loved working with in 2014 include Artsvote, The Toronto Fringe and the Canadian Dance Assembly.

Looking forward to 2015, continuing with OCAF and the Kaejas, and starting new things teaching with Humber College and Ryerson Theatre School – and of course I can’t wait to see what art lies in store and what artists I’ll get to work with – think we should work together? Let’s chat after the 26th!

Happy Holidays!


August 16, 2013

Out of Town Clients Doing Cool Stuff


Not all my clients, or their projects take place in the downtown core.

I met Maya and David at the Toronto Fringe, and I had so much fun working with Steady State Theatre on Eighteen Twitching Cheerleaders, the piece they’ve brought to the Edmonton Fringe. The circle of Fringe continues!

Delighted this interview happened (and it meant I got to see the postcards)!

Happy Fringing, Steady State!


Connected a few weeks ago with Vanessa Baylen who was looking for a bit of PR help on her Spies of Barrie project happening Sept. 14 & 21 in downtown Barrie.

 Your mission, if you choose to accept it: solve as many of the 30 puzzles hidden around downtown Barrie as you can within 60 minutes. You and your fellow spies will meet at the start venue (a secret location provided only to ticket holders) where you must complete your first task: locate the spy kit! Spy kits include a map with the puzzle locations, instructions of what to do once you arrive at them, as well as the location of the final meeting place.
Similar to The Amazing Race or MIT’s Puzzle Hunt, Spies of Barrie is an interactive puzzle game designed to challenge the minds of its players and celebrate local businesses and artists!
Good luck, Vanessa!




August 15, 2013

What KInd of Reader are You? and a website flip

In the next week or so the uber-talented Linn Farley will be helping me muck about with my website so we can do more stuff with it. Expect changes – maybe not big, but still – change is afoot, just in time for the new school year!

Love this graphic – thanks Laura E. Kelly (@LectriceUSA)!

What Species of Reader Are You?--Infographic

Visit for more about books, reading, and authors.

August 14, 2013

Excitement, Inc – Mission Paradox

From a great blog post from MP

“Why is this live?

That’s the question that Jordan Roth asked during the first TedxBroadway and I swear the question has haunted me ever since.
For those of us that work in the live entertainment/art world that is the cornerstone question.  Why is this particular experience worthy of the cost, time, energy and just plain hassle that comes with making it happen live? read more

Tonight I was at a Summerworks show, was at one last night too. Why do we do this, go to places with lots of stairs and folding chairs, with plastic drink cups and isn’t “temperature controlled for our comfort”?

Because it is here and it is now and maybe you go with friends or go alone and find friends.  But we are all there, and all there for a reason – and it’s happening in front of us and those on the stage and in the wings are there too and it’s happening for them too and we’re all in it together.

And that’s why – it’s a communal experience. It will never be the same again. Sure there are X more performances, and you might go again, or a friend of yours might see it next week – but it will never be the same again.  This was your live experience.

Go or you’ll miss it.

August 11, 2013

Sunday Roundup – August 11

And with that, it’s a month and a day til my birthday. Just sayin’.

About last week…

What to do with the Art?

Who are Your People?

Couple Facebooky articles for Clients and Colleagues


Reminder I am giving a full day workshop September 21, in association with Humber College. Finding Your Audience: Social Media for Artists  Diving into social media can be intimidating. Expert Sue Edworthy will demystify the process and get you going on your own social media strategy in this one-day intensive workshop developed specifically for artists of all disciplines.   Both theoretical and practical, in this workshop you will learn about social media strategy and then get “hands-on” on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.  Case studies from Canada and around the world will be presented to illustrate some winning approaches. Details to come soon.

And Tell Me About It with DTRC/Artists’ Health went so well, we’re figuring out a three class intensive to follow up to that, broken into beginners, strategy, and a master class. Fall 2013, details to come soon.

And back at the Chang School at Ryerson this fall for another round of CDAM 101 Communication and Promotion for the Arts. Seven weeks on Monday evenings, details to follow.


August 9, 2013

Couple Facebooky articles for Clients and Colleagues


Quick note – Summerworks is open! Go see something. So far I’m booked into Eating Pomegranates Naked, Murderers Confess at Christmastime and Paradises Lost.

I’ll book more as I go and let you know.

Summer seems to be the time to analyze, tidy up, re-jig all things admin, and now social media has been added to the mix. This post is for friends and folks and clients and colleagues who are doing just that these days, and may have to report stuff to EDs, CEOs and Boards. And if you aren’t already following Mashable somehow – you should be.

Facebook: Here’s How Your News Feed Works – Your Facebook News Feed is a hodgepodge of information: some of it you love, some of it you hate, and some of it may just make you scratch your head. The average user’s News Feed has around 1,500 possible stories filtered through per day, according to Lars Backstrom, engineering manager for Facebook’s News Feed ranking. But only 20% of them actually make your feed.
So how does Facebook determine which 20% you see? read more


5 Social Media Tactics to Increase ROI – Social can be one of the most challenging platforms for brands to measure return on investment. Companies that grew up on traditional advertising and metrics often have trouble making sense of the value of the online ecosystem. But with 52% of U.S. consumers using the web as their primary purchase tool, it’s an area brands can’t afford to ignore. read more

I cannot emphasize #5 enough. The people I work and play with  – we live in a sea of actual creativity. We create for a living. Thusly – we do #5 automatically, without even having to think about it. Now apply it to this.

August 6, 2013

What to do with the Art?

DIA-IICouple of interesting articles in the New Yorker a couple of weeks ago – the first a declaration of what to do:

Should Detroit Sell Its Art?
The fiscal apocalypse that is Detroit has spun off a collateral storm in the art world with a suggestion that salvific funds—an estimate of two billion dollars is much bandied—could be raised by selling treasures of the Detroit Institute of Arts, one of America’s best encyclopedic museums. Having been asked my opinion as an art-lover—and, incidentally, a citizen, though not of Detroit—I have two answers. Here’s the short one: sell. The long one, which follows, ends in the same place, only garlanded with regrets. read more

And a follow-up piece in which the author retracts: I take back my endorsement, in an earlier post, of the idea that the city of Detroit should ease its financial crisis by selling art works from the collection of the Detroit Institute of the Arts. I also apologize to the many whom my words pained. read more

It’s an interesting thing to think about – of course I say interesting because I only have to think about it, not do anything about it. Not a position I ever hope we’d be in. It feels to me like the idea of having a garage sale to pay off your student loan: afterwards you still have a massive debt that you’ve barely touched, and nothing left of value.

Across the world, a company near and dear to me has triumphed again – such love and congratulations to Opera Atelier. If you know the opera world – this is HUGE.

Marshall Pynkoski and Jeannette Zingg invited to La Scala after Salzburg triumph

And this video has been making the rounds – if you ever need a reminder about balance and focus, watch this. Incredible.

July 26, 2013

What Should I Read Next? Here You Go!

Twice yesterday I was asked to recommend books to read, and in that same space of time found and was referred to two separate websites to choose something to read. Behold the power of the internets,

For those wondering, my off the top off the shelf recs were: In no particular order: Gone Girl; The Table Comes First; The Poisoner’s Handbook; Pain, Parties Work; Brain on Fire; The Night Circus. I’ll add in In The Company of The Courtesan; Cleopatra; Left Neglected; Midnight at the Dragon Cafe.

I have two proposals and an RFP to write today, so I am glad my two days of look at and listen to this worked and re-inspired me.

And here are the links!

This one is serious – you type in the name of a book you liked (or its author) and it starts spitting out other things you might like. You can even just start typing letters – it starts searching the second you type anything. Its bookmarked.


Love this one – and hey it’s an infographic!  Before you check it out, have a happy Friday, and remember LabCab is this weekend!

resad next


July 25, 2013

it’s the LabCab Festival: Parkdale!


This weekend! July 27th and 28th, 2013

On Queen St West beginning near Roncesvalles Ave & ending at Dufferin St noon to 6pm ALL EVENTS ARE FREE!

From their excellent website: The Lab Cab Festival: Parkdale is a free, annual multi-arts festival. Music, dance, theatre, film, poetry, crafts, kids stuff, visual art and comedy are performed in the restaurants, bars, community centres, boutiques, cafés, parks, libraries, parking lots, hair salons, flower shops, churches, clothing stores, antique stores, book stores and businesses in the Parkdale neighbourhood. Acts range from two to thirty minutes and include a range of expertise in each field: from well established artists to those just starting. The mandate of the Lab Cab Festival is to provide a home for local artists of various disciplines to experiment with new work in a fun and risk-free environment. We offer free workshops, free childcare and a free pancake breakfast.  The Lab Cab Festival is free, family friendly and community oriented.

click here for the everything that’s going on, and here for the more specific schedule of events. See you this weekend!

July 24, 2013

art and architecture and music – paintings and places to read and listen to this

Still a little low on word inspiration, so I thought we could  use some things to look at. Sometimes doing the opposite of what you normally do takes the pressure off that thing, and hones the edge back to it.

Feel free to check out the Google Cultural Institute.

And while we’re at it – some beautiful places to read. 49 Breathtaking Libraries from Around the World. It makes me want to start a travel fund for a Grand Library tour.

And finally – isolated track – Marvin Gaye’s Grapevine. Just listen.

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