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August 10, 2012

Two Very Different Shows

HOMEbody and Proud – and I am pleased to be working on them both.

July 31, 2011

Sunday Roundup – July 31

It’s the middle of summer vacation! What went on last week?

Surveys and Blogs  – I finally put together a super quick and super easy survey for my readers and asked you to fill it out. You’ve responded admirably in great numbers and I really do appreciate it. I’m going to take it down tomorrow night so it’s last call for your opinions – off you go! I’ll be analyzing and talking about the results next week, and making some additions and changes to this site – because you asked for it. I also answered a question about what blogs I follow with a short list, and there will be more of those to come.

All Aboard!  – I took a side trip to get some paperwork done in another locale, and posted a list of random art around the city.

Bits of Art and Politics – My mini-vaycay did not seem to have decent internet so a short and sweet post about art, politics and outrage.

Today’s the Day! – 300 people signed up to speak at City Hall. It was a marathon session. I am so pleased with and proud of some of our citizens.

Yesterday was a Long Day – 23 hours of deputations later, I don’t know what the end result will be, but citizen’s voices were heard. Highlights included the woman who cut a cheque on the spot for the cost of a property tax increase, a puppet show, Adam Vaughan wondering if Margaret Atwood was indeed in the house, and this remarkable young lady. Props also to some other great councillors – Krysten Wong-Tam, Janet Davis, Joe Mihevc. Yes my lefty pinko bias is showing – but no more so that usual.

There’s a great big festival happening right now within blocks of my house. What do I love about it? Costumes on the streetcar in the morning – it’s rare to see feathers and glitter and sparkle and sequins at 9 am on the Dufferin Bus. Happy Caribana! And happy Scotiabank Caribbean Carnival!

And finally – a bit of summer romance, courtesy of the New Yorker…

July 25, 2011

the Oft-Mentioned Survey and What Blogs Do You Follow?

That thunderclap this morning was the sound of heat breaking. Niiiice.

The survey is now live – super simple, super quick, less than 10 questions,  click here to take it as I do want your (anonymous) opinion. I’ll put the link in each blog post this week and it’s on the main page of the site and we’ll see what we get in a few days time. Results and best suggestions will be published.

Was asked the other day at coffee which blogs I follow, thought it was a good question so here are some that I do indeed check in with regularly. Some – not all. You have a life.

Seth’s Blog – Seth Godin has written thirteen books that have been translated into more than thirty languages. Every one has been a bestseller. He writes about the post-industrial revolution, the way ideas spread, marketing, quitting, leadership and most of all, changing everything.

Stepcase Lifehack –  a daily digest on productivity and life improvement

BlogTO, Spacing and Torontoist.

Freakonomics –  Steven D. Levitt is an economist. Stephen J. Dubner is a writer. They co-authored Freakonomics, a book about cheating teachers, bizarre baby names, self-dealing Realtors, and crack-selling mama’s boys. They figured it would sell about 80 copies. Instead, it has sold 4 million, in 35 languages.

Mooney on Theatre, The Mad Craft Shoppe, The Spadina Monologues, Folks Gotta Eat,

TED talks – seriously. Take a TED talk once a day. It is like a multivitamin for your mind and soul. Some of my  favourites are here, here and here.

So there you go – some summer reading and a survey. Off you go!

June 19, 2011

Sunday Roundup – June 19

I can’t believe it’s the 19th of June already – although the gorgeous weather this weekend is proving that summer is thisclose to being here. A week of fewer meetings and a lot of work getting done, which is good in my view. What went on?

What You Think You Want  – how to determine what a client really wants by what they say they want. Ask the right questions and everyone is happy. And always include an Elvis tune.

Data, Audiences and My Thoughts on Margie  – an interesting post from our friends at Creative Trust on how we deal with data, and a cool publication from the Australian Government on turning your data into audiences. Also included my thoughts on the Sun TV contretemps.

Coffee and Engagement Followup – an update  on my coffee with Sean Howard and a link to the presentation he created for ISPA, thought-provoking and fun at the same time – kind of like Sean.

Impatiently Crunching Numbers – a link to the Lost Art website from the UK which is tracking the effect their arts cuts have had on the economy. It’s simple and brilliant and hopefully effective.

heh heh. Love the New Yorker.









Theatre 20, Toronto’s newest musical theatre company, takes the stage June 20 with DRIVEN TO SCORE, the second in their three-part concert series at the Panasonic Theatre.  Featuring the work of Leslie Arden, Jonathan Monro and David Warrack,  and directed by Alisa Palmer and hosted by Ann-Marie MacDonald,
DRIVEN TO SCORE brings together an incredible lineup of Theatre 20 Founding Artists – Louise Pitre (Mamma Mia!), Ma-Anne Dionisio (Miss Saigon) and David Keeley (Rock of Ages) – joined by Sterling Jarvis, Alana Bridgewater and Yvan Pednault. Tickets are $59 and $69 and are available in person at the Panasonic Box Office, through TicketKing by phone at 416-872-1212 (1-800-461-3333) or online at It promises to be amazing.

Toronto Fringe Festival guides are now available both in hard copy and online and tickets went on sale June 15 – visit the website for more information.

May 26, 2011

Follow Me! Like Me! Become a Fan and RT to Win!

Disclaimer: There’s nothing to win here today, although you could follow or like me out of sheer interest.

Another part of my awesome coffee with Sean Howard was a bit of a chat about social media contests – do they work?

It depends on what you mean by ‘work’.  Everyone loves a contest, and everyone loves a chance to win something, and have been doing it for ages, whether you’re the Prize Winner of Defiance Ohio  or retweeting on the fly between appointments.

I think they can work in terms of bumping up your followers list. At first I was skeptical as in, okay you’ve come here to win a contest, and someone did, but it wasn’t you. Will you become what I call the “forgotten follower” – a follower who clicked “like” and promptly forgot they were following you? High numbers, no interaction?

Possibly. But what we need to remember is that every time someone clicks like or RTs you, even if it’s to win something, your product just expanded by a percentage of that person’s followers. So now maybe the forgotten follower has indeed forgotten about you – but now their folks know about you as well – and maybe they’ve been wanting to know more about you, and didn’t do anything about it, until a RT reminded them. And now they’re a follower too. So now you have two types of folks on your list – your high interaction evangelists and folks who are just spreading the word for you with every like and retweet. Not bad for the price of a prize.

Something to remember – make it easy to vote, like, click, fan etc. Nothing more discouraging that going to vote on something and seeing a fan page riddled with comments such as, “I want to vote but can’t figure out how to!” Make it a one-two click. If it’s more than that, it had better be a seriously awesome prize. And you must monitor! You need to market your contests if you want people to enter – it’s similar to a Facebook event page, you can’t just slap it up there and walk away. Raise your hand if you knew about these sites:

You can submit your contest to them. I KNOW, right?!  You just opened yourself up waaayyyy past your current list of subscribers and followers.

Incidentally – give good prizes. People automatically look to their inventory (performance tickets, screening tickets, etc) for quick and dirty contests. I say take it a step further – for example, if you’re giving away tickets to a performance piece based on a book or a film, why not throw in the book or DVD along with it? Put the prize in one of your company tote bags.Step up your prizes a bit, open up the product a bit. It adds a little something extra to your contest. Now go like things!


Ninja Funk Orchestra is fresh off their triumphant CD release at Toronto’s Mod Club, and a packed house at Ottawa’s Mercury Lounge, Toronto’s  Ninja Funk Orchestra is thrilled to bring NinjaTek to the legendary Horseshoe Tavern fans as part of the TO Funk Rock Extravaganza May 27,  along with the Elastocitizens and Snipe.

Very pleased to announce that Theatre 20 is on board for PR solutions over here at Sue Edworthy Arts Planning – Theatre 20 is Toronto’s newest musical theatre company that formed by twenty of Canada’s leading musical theatre actors as a vehicle for musical theatre in this country. Some incredibly talented folks on board in every aspect and I am looking forward to working with them on their concert Driven to Score.

Along the lines of retweeting and liking, take a wander over to my PSA about Facebook groups to pages and add your page to the like list.

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