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May 10, 2013

It’s Our Anniversary!



Thanks so much to the clients who made these two years a success, a challenge, a joy and most importantly – made art.

ACCA, Art and Lies, Art is Hard, Arts Etobicoke, Atrium Theatre, Bound to Create, Cahoots Theatre, Control Over Destiny, Creative Trust, DTRC,

Expect Theatre, fu-Gen Theatre, Gallery 1313, Harold Green Jewish Theatre, Humber College, George Brown College, bARTer,  Junes Theatre,

 Little Revolutions, Lisa Wegner, Marco Veltri, Necessary Angel, NinjaFunk Orchestra, Obsidian Theatre, OCAF, Odessey Studios, One Little Goat

Opera Atelier, PACT, Parkdale Village BIA, Pax Christie Chorale, Proud Productions, Quickening Theatre, Ryerson University,

Shannon Litzenberger DanceSheep No Wool, Small Elephant Productions, Small Print Toronto, Stratical Theatre, Theatre 20,

Wiggly Dolly Productions, Young Associates and more.

May 27, 2012

Sunday Roundup – May 27

Short week last week so I’m all mixed up yet somehow ahead of the game. What went on?

Brother Can You Spare a Five? – some crowdfunding campaigns that are on my radar

Don’t Go Changin’ – interesting article on how to help people not hate your revamped site.

Modern Dance, Canada Council Internet Gender, Summer Reading – exactly what it sounds like.

There’s another new book in the Summer Reading section – am close enough to finished to recommend.

And I’ve also realized it was a just over year ago  that I hit “go” on this website. And two weeks after that received the deposit for my first entrepreneuse marketing gig. So I do need to take a moment to say “thank you – you’re the best” to a few people and organizations from this past year:

Arts Etobicoke, Atrium Theatre, Bound To Create, Canadian Dance Assembly, Control Over Destiny, Creative Trust, Drew Nelson, Expect Theatre, Gallery 1313, Lisa Wegner, Little Revolutions, Magic and Mud Designs, NinjaTek, Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund, Professional Association of Canadian Theatres, Parkdale Village BIA, Pax Christi Chorale, PM Veltri, Proud Productions, Shannon Litzenberger, Sheep No Wool, Stratical Theatre, Theatre 20.

It’s been a pleasure working with you.

April 20, 2012

What My Clients Are Working On

Fewer blog posts from me indicate that my clients are keeping me busy doing stuff with and for them. Who are they and what are they doing?

Ontario Cultural Attractions Fund – is putting the final touches on a new microsite for 2012, and organizing roundtable discussions all over the province to introduce the OCAF program to folks who have not yet applied to it.

Creative Trust continues to work on PAON roundtables and e-blasting info out to you about our sector.

Some Assembly Required” is a film and photo exhibition by Lisa Wegner, opening at Artscape Triangle Gallery on April 26th.

VIsual artist Drew T. Nelson continues in his creation of amazing paper cut projects – “We Rode The Streetcar Together, Once” is a memoryscape devoted to that Toronto icon, the streetcar.

Filmmaker P. Marco Veltri is nearly done casting his latest short film and is readying to shoot.

Michael Healey’s Proud has a venue, (Berkeley St.) and a director, (Miles Potter) and fundraisers happening across Canada, and is over halfway to its fundraising goal.

Sheep No Wool Theatre Company is preparing for the Edward Bond Festival – a one time only two-week event happening in June and devoted to an investigation of his work and ideas with events all over the city. Website and Facebook page coming your way.

Pax Christi Chorale has a new Facebook page and is gearing up for their concert “The Kingdom” at Koerner Hall in May.

These are thing things I am marketing and PR-ing and building pages and sites and analyzing ticket sales and audiences and media lists and opening night invites for.

Three other companies and I are awaiting results of Compass grant applications.

And Gallery 1313 and I are doing a workshop on Social Media for Visual Artists. Details on that next post.

I feel quite privileged some days.

I’m also at things like APASO participating in fantastic sessions, and presentations like Counting New Beans and I’m off to the Small Business Arts Forum next week.

So there you go. They’re an extraordinary group of people doing extraordinary work. And it’s Friday so – well, it’s Friday. Off you go!





February 12, 2012

Sunday Roundup – February 12

The second week of February started off with a bang and was wondefully full of meeting new clients, working with others, and prepping for the week ahead. It’s wonderful to work with so many different companies like OCAF, and Small Print Toronto and individuals like Lisa Wegner and Marco Veltri  and others and I am booked solidly until April 15. Anything after that – let’s chat.

A reminder that Social Media Week starts tomorrow – I am doing a workshop with Parkdale Village BIA and a panel as well on women in social media.


So about last week…

Did Churchill Really Say That? Has Anyone Said Anything Since? -on Churchill’s famous quote about paying for the war with culture money.

Focused Conversations and Tiny Urban City Builders – info on a workshop I attended, and a shout-out to the upcoming Totsapalooza.

Sometime the Art Touches You, Sometimes You Get to Touch the Art – another visit to Pentimento Gallery to see what was on.

Last week was also a victory for Transit City and as always if you want the full deal go visit torontoist – they do amazing munipoli coverage.

The Star also did some excellent vehicular defining.

I think that’s it for today – it’s actually winter out there and you’d best find your gloves and stuff.



June 12, 2011

Sunday Roundup – June 12

An excellent week of lovely weather, successful client meetings and work for art and seeing art and experiencing art. What went on?

Sunday Roundup – June 5 EXTRA: TO Services Review Roundtable – it’s unusual for me to put a roundup in a roundup but this one contains my experiences at the TO Services review at City Hall last Saturday.
It’s the Dora Nominees Press Conference Today! – congratulations to this year’s nominees. I was on the jury for Independent Theatre which adds up to a lot of theatre, and am very pleased and proud of my fellow juror members and the theatre community at large.
I Head East. – a posting about a gallery in Leslieville I’ve recently fallen in love with, and an intro to a show I was planning on seeing, which proved so fantastic it led to the next day’s piece –
The Magi Were Right – a longer discussion about the (amazing) art show I saw, and why I liked it.

No cartoon today –  I couldn’t find one that I liked. But I’ve got a toy for you.  I was reading a website the other day about the launch of a new company and their services. I genuinely couldn’t figure out what it is they DO. I know it’s obviously consultant based, and part of the knowledge economy in that they don’t build bookshelves or cars or anything, but their organizational descriptor was so full of jargon and buzzwords that I couldn’t tell what they do. An artist friend of mine was once working on a series of paintings, and looking for inspiration posed the question, “how would you explain your job to a five-year old?” Forcing you to think about what you do in those terms brings it back to a level of reality that I respect. In the meantime, click on the image and you’ll be taken to the laughing buddha’s mission statement generator. If you get a good one, feel free to post it.

Side Notes

Am mighty pleased to add Mighty Brave Productions to my list of folks I do stuff with – Lisa Wegner is a very talented artist, writer and filmmaker who is coming back from a tragedy that occurred on the red carpet at Cannes in 2008. Her work will be shown at The Phoenix Art Museum,  at the  Art Not Violence Gallery of Women’s College Hospital  and the Toronto Revue Cinema and we are working together  to weave a ribbon to tie all of this together. Look for to launch in the next couple of weeks.

In a week tomorrow Theatre 20 will be performing the second of a three-part series of concerts – Driven to Score features the work of Canadian composers and a stellar cast including some recent Dora nominees (Sterling Jarvis, Louise Pitre, Ma-Anne Dionisio). Panasonic Theatre at 8 pm and tickets are available through TicketKing.

Rehearsals for Expect Theatre‘s Awake are continuing, I’m seeing posts about dancehall choreography and amazing original music. I’m going to stop by this week to watch for a bit and show them the marketing materials I’ve made that go beyond posters and postcards.

Game Six is Monday night @Boston. Go Canucks!

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