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December 27, 2012

2012 Round-up

top-10-listI confess that I love year-end lists and round ups.Grat sense of satisfaction in them for me, they’re orderly, I like seeing if I agree or disagree, the whole thing.

I’ve read most of the Toronto culture (theatre) round ups – delighted to report that Proud has held its own Michael Healey was nominated for a Menschie (GridTO) for Proud, Proud made the Star’s top ten list, Maev Beaty made its top five list of artists, Proud made NOW’s top ten list of theatre productions, and Maev made NOW’s top ten list of theatre artists. I am – so very Proud. And maybe a little weepy.

With this in mind I present to you the top ten posts of for 2012.

Dear Rob
Hands down the most popular post of the year, with literally ten times the number of
views as an average post. Given the controversies he’s faced this year, perhaps he’ll see it, read it and take it to heart.
He Said, He Said, She Said, We All Said
More controversy. More on this later.
A Picture Is Worth a K.I.S.S.
A Pinterest post – I think my second. Though I personally still don’t partake in pinning, I absolutely see the value in it for other folks and my clients.
On Family vs Public
More controversy. More on that later.
Can’t See What He-She-They Said for the Words
Word cloud of controversy. More on that later.
I’ll Take Director Fury’s Advice
Still wise words – keeping it simple. Working around things.
Did Churchill Really Say That? Has Anyone Said Anything Since?
Apparently not. Apparently there are no more good quotes about the arts. We should make some.
SWF Seeks Basic Website – must be attractive, clean and open to sharing…
Y’all loved this post. Pure information.
Who Has the Keys to the Customers?
I felt like this was an incredibly practical post that came out of a moment of sheer frustration.
My Thoughts on Starting a Theatre Company
A combination of three ideas/posts in one, all of which occurred in my life at the same time.  These sentences speak to me: “if it is in your heart to start an organization then you HAVE to do it.  The world may need it. But if your heart isn’t in it.  If you aren’t committed.  Don’t even think about starting.” 

So! About that controversy! It was an angry year this year. 2012 – year of anger and hurt feelings. A lot of it. Not without reason. A lot of tempers flaring, and walking away or being sent away and arguments days, weeks, months later. Folks who couldn’t take a side, folks being forced to take sides, folks who wanted to be told what side to be on, and a lot of divisiveness throughout.I said, you said he said she said.

“You know I can’t take sides but-”

This was a public statement, that was a private one, she told me this, I told him that.

Exhausting. I will say some good thought and opinion pieces came out of this year, that we all learned something, somehow, somewhere. I just wish it didn’t take such controversy to bring us all out to the table. A lot of fiercely smart talented people out there – I’d like to hear more from them on other matters.

Tomorrow – kind of another list, but with pictures and things that made me happy. The above list was what you all clicked on the most – tomorrow will be the things that clicked inside of me.

June 24, 2012

Sunday Roundup – June 24

Continuing to get over bronchitis, but still a lot going on this week.

A Picture is Worth a K.I.S.S. – what Pinterest is doing right

I See Company X Has Updated the Event – Again – my, this was a popular post…. 😉

A Like Share Comment Infographic – I`m trying to post regular tidbits of info on improving your website/brand/online presence/what have you that does not involve a complete redesign of everything, rather just tweaks you can do on a Friday afternoon. Or, if you are intent on a complete redesign,here are opportunities to research.

On Family vs Public  

Testing Your Website in More Ways Than One

Moving forward into the week – it’s the Dora Awards tomorrow night, and the Fringe Fundraiser the night after that and then we’re heading into the long weekend and Summer I’d say is here.

A reminder that Sue Edworthy Arts Planning will be closed for the Canada Day Weekend.

Happy Sunday!

June 18, 2012

A Picture Is Worth a K.I.S.S.

My grandfather was an Army man, and very fond of the saying “KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid”. I don’t actually recall him using the acronym, but we were urged a lot to keep things simple.

Pinterest has indeed, done that. For folks wondering just why it’s attained such saturation, grown so fast and been embraced so easily – well, it’s simple. Good article by Nir Eyal in Automatic You, a blog about behavioral engineering which is being added to my bookmarks.

Pinterest’s Obvious Secret

Two thoughts that really struck me – Pinterest’s obvious secret is its ability to serve our innate desire to capture and collect, while making consuming, creating and sharing easier than ever before.
Well, to be precise, that thought struck me, but this one truly made me think – The volume and richness of user data collected through pinning is unparalleled. While I might “Like” Babies’R’Us on Facebook or follow their Twitter stream, hoping to get a coupon, only Pinterest knows I’ve been keeping an eye out for a mid-priced stroller appropriate for an 18-month-old boy.
In other news, I’ve figured out just where you 2000+ people are finding me (mostly search engines. followed by Facebook, I thought it would be the other way around); you’re searching for me and this website, which is cool; you’re looking mostly for info on goings-on around town, social media and marketing advice; you’re mostly sharing posts on events. And I thought I knew more of you that I do – I don’t, and that’s really  cool.
Some of you wondered where the politics went. Well, I don’t do Federal, I don’t do Provincial and honestly, I think our Mayor is covered on  “reports of him and his brother making fools of themselves”, so I stopped. It will pick up again when there’s something good to write about.
What does this mean? That things will probably keep on keeping on with minor subject tweaks you might or might not notice.  I might be trying new forms of posts, or topics and see how those work out.
One thing is for sure – I like writing this blog. I like that folks are reading it. Thank you for your likes, questions, comments and follows. All for now.
May 18, 2012

Long Weekend!

It’s the start of the summer long weekends! Maybe you have cottage plans, maybe you’re getting the boat out from wherever you put it, gardening or planting flowers or maybe you’re an artist/entrepreneur who is compromising by dragging your laptop outside to continue getting work done.

With the last thought in mind, here are a few bits to read, to try and to think about.

From the ever-fabulous Avery Swartz – How to Get Your Business Online If You Can’t Afford a Web Designer. “professional web services can be expensive, especially if you’re just starting out.  If you have some time and enthusiasm, you can create a simple website on your own, and save the big design bucks for when you’re a little more established.”

Perhaps you’re finishing up your Facebook page before you start asking people to like it all over the place – from Drew’s Marketing Minute – 9 Keys to Wicked Awesome Landing Pages. And we’ve all spent time uploading photos and things only to be told the photo is the wrong size, not big enough or realize the photo is giant and can’t be seen properly. Here’s a cheat sheet.

Another article from the always interesting Guardian – How could technology change theatre criticism for good?  “While words alone can create a rich tapestry of critical response, imagine how much richer this might be with the addition of images, video, audio, geotagging, experimental forms such as Pinterest – the list goes on. Despite having such options at their fingertips, the majority of those writing theatre criticism for the web remain trapped in the conventional print review format: a block of text that often tries to avoid spoilers. Myriad possibilities are there, but it seems we’re slow to adopt them.”

Finally I was part of a workshop yesterday for CDA (Canadian Dance Assembly) where William Yong and I and his tech partner Elysha Poirier spoke about technology and communities and using technology both to promote and create your art. It was a good discussion, thought-provoking. Head over to the Zata Omm website to see what they’re working on. Very cool, very interesting stuff.

Have a lovely long weekend, if you’re working in an office, hope you get to close early today and go for a cool drink on a patio!

March 26, 2012

Sunday/Monday Roundup – March 25/26

Travels to my hometown and taxes and weather related migraines left me without an update yesterday – so here it is, with my apologies – enjoy reading while I decide whether or not I needed to know quite that much about Megan and Don’s relationship on the Season 5 opener of MadMen last night. Zoo bi zoo bi zoo bi zooo, indeed…

Vancouver Friends Talk about the Playhouse   – I asked a few of my colleagues in Vancouver what they thought, given that they live there and  don’t. Some interesting answers.

What Support for Canadian Theatre Looks Like – the premiere reading of Michael Healey’s Proud was at Passe Muraille on March 19. Pictures are apparently worth thousands of words and I am inclined to agree.

PSA #10 – The Rusticle Gym  – because this is far too cool and comes with a video.

More on Pinterest and a Rusticle PSA – people like Pinterest. People like infographics. Here are both in one. And a link to the Rusticle PSA.

Some have asked why I haven’t mentioned politics lately. Really – what is there to say? I can’t go to the library and our fearless leader has reverted to his “lone wolf” status vowing to fight transit recommendations and – just – really? I have no idea what to do right now except shake my head.

It’s an admin kind of week, April 1 looms ahead and with it ensuing deadlines, both government imposed, client requested and self-inflicted. Talk soon!

March 22, 2012

More on Pinterest and a Rusticle PSA

Another excellent infographic from Mashable, readers seemed quite interested in the last Pinterest post I did, so here you go.

And before you go diving into it, check out PSA #10 – The Rusticle Gym. It comes with a cool video and good music.

Now then – Why is Pinterest so Addictive?

March 11, 2012

Sunday Roundup – March 11


In Which I Feign Interest In Pinterest – a busy little post that got lots of activity

It’s International Women’s Day – and so it was. Lots of discussion on Facebook.

Only two blog posts last week, mostly because  I was busy working on blog posts for clients, and Facebook pages for the same. Take a like!

Proud – by Michael Healey


A reminder that the Toronto Fringe is conducting a search for a new Executive Director

I also found this article that I thought was fascinating – not sure how I will apply it, but it’s for my writer friends

How to Use Extended Metaphors for Maximum Effect (as I said – it’s a niche link)

Last week was a sad one for the Vancouver theatre community, and indeed the arts community in general. The Vancouver Playhouse closed. Read the press release and perhaps more importantly, read this article written by Max Reimer in 2011.

March 7, 2012

In Which I Feign Interest in Pinterest

I am not a fan of Pinterest. I will add “yet” as a disclaimer. Yes, I have an account – I got it last July, I think, and pinned exactly two things and then thought, “now what?” Because my thought was that I spend a great deal of time on my blog and Facebook and Twitter and LinkedIn and email and in person and now I’m suppoosed to look for pictures and pin them somewhere else? No.

I know Pinterest has become an obsession for many. It’s a hot topic right now and everyone seems to be pinning like crazy, kind of like we all poked each other constantly when we got into Facebook, or forwarded jokes and Robitussin recall warnings when we first got email accounts. So I’ve been reading things on it.

Pinterest: A Beginner’s Guide to the Hot New Social Network – mashable

Pinterest: A vast city of beautiful mutes – Globe and Mail

What Pinterest needs to fix – and fast – Yahoo News

and finally – What Pinterest means for the arts.  Which was very interesting.

Tell me what you’re using it for, what you’re pinning, and more importantly, why it’s your platform of choice. I’d like to know, as am trying to wrap my head around it a bit better.

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