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February 15, 2013

Monday is Family Day So I’m Working on this Instead

563239_10152573164710721_1150205865_nWonderful opening night for 4.48 Psychosis last night – a full house of folks deeply touched and moved by the work. It’s a deep piece, let’s face it, it requires a bit of work and thought on the part of an audience member. I strongly encourage you to go and see it, it’s running til the 23rd. There’s some amazing artwork on display in the lobby, and live music – it’s an experience the moment you enter.

On that note – I love doing press kits. I love doing the little extra thing that ties into the work – like the fans for Awake in 2010, or the mini flash mob for the same show in 2013. The lobby display for Proud was set to resemble government files on each member of the creative team.  Last night’s press kits were set up to resemble medical charts, complete with blue chart paper, tagged and labelled for each reviewer. My favourite part was the personalized prescription bottles for each of them, instructing them to “take two before 8 pm”. (They were rocket candies. I’m not drugging people pre or post show). Anyway – I like it.


Family Day on Monday which means a long weekend for most. I found a couple of interesting links on LinkedIn, and have forwarded them to a couple of folks who are working on similar ideas as I am. I  think we spend a great deal of time figuring out manifestos and missions and user manuals for our orgs, but we don’t do ones for ourselves, and given that the people are what makes or breaks an organization.  A vision statement about your business is one thing, self-knowledge in the form of a personal user manual is another. I think it’s possibly even more important to do one as a freelancer/contracter – you are your organization.
I don’t think for a minute this is a “weekend project” – but it’s nice to have a day or two to focus and get started.

I’m going to be working on these (for myself)  in the next little while and thought I’d share the ideas with you.

Do You Have A User Manual?and
Five Steps to Creating a Personal User Manual

There will be a Sunday Roundup, but no post on Monday. Have a great long weekend!

February 14, 2013

This Valentine is Awesome, and 4.48 Psychosis opens tonight

I have some great designers in my mental rolodex – I’ve got Avery Swartz, and Blair Francey, and Randal Boutilier off the top of my head, and this year I added Kinnon Elliott. And like Randall’s Christmas card,  Kinnon has created an awesome design for today, click on the image to see it.Well done Kinnon.

Excellent preview article for 4.48 Psychosis in this week’s NOW Magazine – we open tonight so today is a day of press kits and paperwork and getting ready. When I first read the script, I wasn’t entirely sure how they were going to approach it, but after seeing some rehearsal and definitely dress rehearsal I think they’ve taken a very weighty piece and made it accessible. It’s dark, to be sure. And it’s thoughtful and approachable and the performances, direction and design all do really good things together. I’m looking forward to it.

And this? Made me very happy on a marketing level, a fundraising level, a turn-it-around level and a human level.
Supporters pledged to raise $100 for every minute the group plans to protest… (The fundraiser)… exceeded expectations, bringing in $41,529 (as of their posting).


February 12, 2013

Ticket Deal – 4.48 Psychosis Preview

john picOkay people, you really can’t go wrong with this deal. See below.
Buy 1 full price ticket , get the 2nd ticket for $4.48 to see our production of Sarah Kane’s 4.48 Psychosis, directed by Vikki Anderson.
That’s right folks, buy a regular $15 ticket to our Tuesday or Wednesday night preview performances (February 12 + 13) and bring a friend for only $4.48!!!
Offer available by calling the box office at 416-368-3110 or in person at 26 Berkeley Street. Shows begin at 8:00 PM Downstairs at Canadian Stage Berkeley Street Theatre.
For more info please visit
Photo:Bruce Godfree, Raven Dauda and Laura Condlln/Photography by John Lauener



December 6, 2012

Arts, Culture, Politics, Interns, Two good Bands

Frida_KahloBrrr out there.

Spent yesterday at the AGO chaperoning a group of Grade 11 visual arts students from Jarvis Collegiate, we went to see the Kahlo-Rivera exhibit. It’s fantastic, and apparently although it’s not the first time they’ve shared an exhibit, it is the first time that their works have been interspersed with each other (as opposed to the Kahlo room and the Rivera room, type of thing). It adds a really interesting context to their pieces. The place was packed – go and see it before it closes. It was another great group of students – I had a good time, they’re quite talented and fun to talk to.

Also saw This is What Happens Next, the MacIvor-Brooks piece courtesy Necessary Angel. Great work, and thought provoking. Go see that too.

This is interesting, especially after TAPA Day At The City a couple weeks back: Councillors look to increase arts funding.

For ten years, various Toronto City Councils have periodically affirmed and re-affirmed our commitment to increase the per capita arts and culture funding to twenty-five dollars,” (the two councillors) wrote in the letter. “Unfortunately, previous political commitments remain unfulfilled.”

Budget Deputations are next week, I’m 44th on the list on the 10th. Wish me luck. On that note here are two great pieces from the fine folks at torontoist: Toronto’s 2013 Budget: A Decoder and Toronto’s 2013 Budget: How to Follow Along.

Speaking of music, two things – I saw Simple Damned Device at the Painted Lady the other night – excellent music and band. I will be paying closer attention to them. Their lyrics really twig something in me, particularly their songs “Monsters” and “Furious”. And I need to see the full lyrics for “Poor Alice”, because that said something to me too.

And do you remember a few months back I was talking about the irrepressible Corin Raymond and his Canadian Tire money campaign? He’s got over SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS. In CT Money. I know right? More info is here, including how to donate, the CD release party, etc. Mon oh man.
Sue Edworthy Arts Planing is hiring an intern. The posting should be up on Work In Culture today or tomorrow.

On that note I am off into the day. Brr out there. Keep warm! Where’s your mitts?

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