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February 19, 2012

Sunday Roundup – February 19

What a fantastic week. I spent it on Twitter which explains the lack of blog posts (I managed ONE) so we’ll update here and get started again tomorrow.

Words to Email By – cool infographic about email.

Last week, as I mentioned quite often was Social Media Week worldwide – hundreds of events here in Toronto. I worked on two of them – gave a workshop on Social Media for Your Small Business upstairs at the Rhino. The Parkdale Village BIA hired me to to present to  their members and it went really well. We had  a great group of engaged people  – they learned from me, I learned from them and I think the most important takeaway I could give them was to use each other as resources, to shout each other out, to work together when possible because they are a huge part of what makes the neighbourhood great. You can check out some of the commentary on Twitter by searching #smwtoparkdale.

The next night had me at the other end of the town and the spectrum as part of a panel on how women are using social media, presented by Women in Wireless and held in the Imperial Room at the Fairmont Royal York. Absolutely fantastic panel, great group of women in that room, talking, discussing learning from each other. Commentary again available on Twitter at #smwto #wiw.

Friday was my first ACCA workshop attended as a full  member of this organization. The workshop was being live streamed and live tweeted throughout Canada and much fun was had. Twitter highlights at #artexpertca.

And last night was the launch party for WorldStage at Harbourfront with a most excellent party, great food, drink, DJ, dancing and people I haven’t seen in too long or who are always a delight to see.

(you see why I couldn’t manage more than a blog post, right?)

I’m looking forward to a quiet week of admin work. I have a ton of stuff to do and would like to get back on top of things. It has been a week od Amazing Twicks, and I also have an Art Marathon to figure out. I’m going to make some coffee and figure out a plan of attack.



February 12, 2012

Sunday Roundup – February 12

The second week of February started off with a bang and was wondefully full of meeting new clients, working with others, and prepping for the week ahead. It’s wonderful to work with so many different companies like OCAF, and Small Print Toronto and individuals like Lisa Wegner and Marco Veltri  and others and I am booked solidly until April 15. Anything after that – let’s chat.

A reminder that Social Media Week starts tomorrow – I am doing a workshop with Parkdale Village BIA and a panel as well on women in social media.


So about last week…

Did Churchill Really Say That? Has Anyone Said Anything Since? -on Churchill’s famous quote about paying for the war with culture money.

Focused Conversations and Tiny Urban City Builders – info on a workshop I attended, and a shout-out to the upcoming Totsapalooza.

Sometime the Art Touches You, Sometimes You Get to Touch the Art – another visit to Pentimento Gallery to see what was on.

Last week was also a victory for Transit City and as always if you want the full deal go visit torontoist – they do amazing munipoli coverage.

The Star also did some excellent vehicular defining.

I think that’s it for today – it’s actually winter out there and you’d best find your gloves and stuff.



January 16, 2012

Library Day!

It’s a library day today – we haven’t talked reading much lately so here we go.

Holiday reading included The Night Circus (read and already loaned to a friend); The Sisters Brothers (which I feel is going to be good) Just My Type: A Book About Fonts (which was amazing and you should read it right now) and The Memory Palace (which I liked, but wanted to be a bit more, given that I already knew about the idea of a memory palace and use it to remember things. It’s good for your brain).

The Table Comes First  – oh my lord, you need to read this book if you cook, read recipes, go to dinner you name it. I’ve already quoted it twice in this blog because it feels like it applies to everything. And made food from it – there are no recipes of the half a teaspoon variety, only the basics food, do something to the food, do one last thing to the food and there you go.

What kind of holiday reading did you get done?

Am off to the library today – I have five overdue books and to quote the  website, this  User has FINES (owing and/or accruing) so I’d best go straighten out my library reputation. BTW fines have gone up as of January 3rd:

Adult materials $0.40 per item, per day

Teen & child materials $0.20 per item, per day

Best Bets $1.00 per item, per day

Adult DVDs $1.00 per item, per day

Teen & child DVDs $0.50 per item, per day

Fines will be charged based on the type of material you borrow – adult, teen or child – not on cardholder’s age category. No getting your six year old toborrow Valley of the Dolls for you.

Something else they’re doing (from the National Post):

Library aims to attract the hip, bookish under-40 set.

Last Monday, the city’s budget committee voted to slash $7-million from the Toronto Public Library’s budget. Although the decision must first be approved by council, there was immediate concern that the largest library system in Canada, with over 19 million visitors in 2011, will have to shorten hours of operations at certain branches, cancel programs, and cut the number of new books added to its collection.
Next Thursday, they’ll try and get some of that money back. Read more…


All right – moving forward into the day – I also need to stop by the Parkdale Village BIA which is beautifully located across the street from my library. I’m doing a social media workshop in February  for their members as part of Social Media Week 2012. If you are a member of the BIA, contact them for the deets, or follow them on FB or Twitter.

Happy Monday! Go read something!


PS Next Stage sales went up a whopping 22.5% this year, bringing in $78,552.40 at the box office – congratulations to all the amazing artists, staff, volunteers and audiences involved! 132% increase overall since Year One sure ain’t bad for a 5th anniversary celebration! – via Adam Kirkham. Well done people – now THAT’S how you do a festival!



December 15, 2011

Field Trips, Social Media Workshops and Indie Producing

Yesterday I chaperoned a school field trip with a friend – she teaches at Sir Oliver Mowat so the drama class headed downtown to check out the Commedia del Arte collection (permanent) at the Gardiner Ceramic Museum. Great students – smart, fun, funny and talented. We spent some time looking at various sculptures and they chose one each and drew it, bringing their sketch down to the clay studio, where they made sculptures of the Commedia characters. I must admit I wasn’t sure that a half hour lecture demo on how to make a sculpture would be enough information, but these kids were great and I will let you judge for yourself. Very impressive.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that I trundled off to a meeting with the Parkdale Village BIA and it looks like I’ll be giving a social media workshop for small businesses on February 15 as part of Social Media Week 2012.  If you are a member of the BIA they’ll be sending you info on how to get a seat – I’m excited – I love my neighbourhood.

And finally – looks like I’m in good company – the NOW Magazine Gift Guide has featured the TAPA Indie Producers’ Guide as a must have.

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