12 Hour Arts Marathon

Updated April 2 – click here for the blog post and pictures of this event!

The 12 hour Arts Marathon was conceived on January 22, 2012 when I was staring at my calendar trying to fit meeting someone into a space before I went to see a band. This led to the following FB post:

you know if you went to the library around noon, and then an art gallery around two, and then a movie matinée around four, and a play or dance show around seven-thirty/eight and then caught a band around ten you could do a multiple discipline arts marathon in twelve hours and still get a decent night’s sleep. A thought that popped into my head just now.

As a thought it hasn’t left my head and I’ve decided to do it. So I present to you:


The 12hAM (ha) will consist of just what is listed below. So far I’ve made the following decisions: It will be in my turf, ie along WQW and its peripheries and consist of places I already know. It’s the first marathon, so we’re following the KISS rule.

I’d also like to see if I can do this on a budget – I won’t cheap out but I won’t get exorbitant, either. No comps.

Also no festivals. See FAQ’s for reasoning.

I will twitpic along the way and #12hAM – but not excessively.

Places I will hit:

Parkdale Public Library – literature

MOCCA – visual art – I’m not going to see a specific exhibition, rather I am going to see MOCCA. It is a fifteen minute walk from my house and I have never been there. This is the point of living downtown.

Canadian Stage – dance – ticket booked for Dark MattersInnovative and award-winning choreographer Crystal Pite’s work integrates original music, text, rich visual design, and a keen sense of wit and invention.

Bell Lightbox – film – ticket booked for Monsieur Lazharone of the most acclaimed Québécois films of the last decade and Canada’s submission for the 2011 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film

Factory Theatre – theatre – ticket booked for Theatre Ad Infinitum’s The Big SmokeIn a courageous physical performance with a completely original text and score sung a cappella, Amy Nostbakken tells the story of a brilliant young artist from Toronto given the opportunity of a lifetime: a solo exhibit at London’s Tate Modern Art Gallery.

The Cameron HouseNichol Robertson is scheduled to play the front room at 10 pm.


Why are you doing this?
Why not? To see if I can. A couple weeks ago I saw a lot of theatre, a lot of music and movies all within four days. There’s so much going on in our city.

Why no Festivals?
It’s sort of the same thing – we are spoiled for choice in our city for good art. Anyone can manage to see something when there’s a festival in town, or they’re all up in the Culture Days kind of thing. This is to show you that you can experience art, any time, anywhere in this city. It doesn’t have to be an occasion. It’s easy. It’s right there.

Why no comps?
I feel like that’s cheating. Not everyone has access to free tickets. Let’s see when it actually costs to do this. Art is not expensive.

Where can I make theatre and dance suggestions?
in the comments below, on Twitter with #12hAM, and Facebook too.

Why are you only seeing things in a small part of the west end?
We’re following the KISS principle. I don’t want to spend time getting lost or trapped in transit. I want this to work. Besides which, everyone no matter where they live, has their neighbourhood, the place where they spend the most time. Parkdale is my neighbourhood and places along Queen West are my third place. These experiences are available to me without even looking too hard.

How are you getting around?
Metropass and boots. I hope the weather holds.

When are you doing this?
At first I thought maybe Family Day, but you never know what’s going to be closed or open, etc. so I looked at the calendar again. And then clicked that 2012 is a Leap Year. I’m doing this February 29 – when you think about it, it’s a whole extra day to spend.  Why not spend it doing something interesting?

I still don’t get why you’re doing this.
You don’t have to. I just want to see if I can. Some people have an amazing day out on the golf course, some catch waves, some snowboard,  and those are amazing ways to spend a day, doing something you love. This is what I love. What a great way to spend a day.

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