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July 30, 2013

Summer Can Be Quiet(er) #2 – Twitter Etiquette

bookmark-30Continuing on from yesterday – another bookmark – today we’re looking at Twitter Etiquette.

The 10 Essentials of Twitter Etiquette

#2 speaks for itself I think – 2. #Dont #Overuse #Hashtags #In #Your #Tweets #It #Looks #Ridiculous #Stick #To #Three #Or #Fewer #TwitterEtiquette Need we say more? No? Good, ‘cuz we’re out of space.

Why do people do this? Possibly because they want to be searched under as many criteria as possible. Most likely. But it’s irritating as all get out and makes me wonder if you really had anything to say to begin with. And if what you actually had to say is simply the base for hashtags? Hmm.

#5 – equally valid. 5. The people you follow say something about you. This may be a personal thing, but I like to ensure that the people I follow are relevant and adding value. You’d be surprised—especially if you’ve been using the platform for some time—at how many of the people you follow add no value.SocialBro is a great tool to help you clean up your following list. Twitter frowns upon following/unfollowing en masse. What does this have to do with etiquette? If you’re invited to a dinner party with a plus-one, you’re going to want to make sure the person you bring is an engaging guest, not a total mess.

I like it because it goes along nicely with my social media as cocktail party analogy. And I’m going to check out SocialBro later today. I’ll post you on results. Meantime, check out the 10 rules and see what you’re doing right – or maybe shouldn’t be doing at all.

July 1, 2013

Double Roundup Monday July 1



Happy Canada Day and Happy Pride Weekend – hope everyone had and is having a marvelous time and aren’t too sunburned. Please SPF and hydrate.

Got back in town late last Sunday so there was no roundup, and then the week was all about getting back into the swing of things so here you go – one giant roundup. The “from the archives” seemed to work for you last week, so that might continue to happen on holidays. But only holidays because with the amount I read last week and the Fringe opening this week – well there’s far too much to talk about.



From the Archives: SWF Seeks Basic Website – must be attractive, clean and open to sharing…

From The Archives: #Twitter #Mistakes in the #Arts, and Something To Keep In Mind

From The Archives: My Thoughts on Starting a Theatre Company

Web 2.0, User Reviews & Ticket Sales

Cottage Reading, a Social Media Workshop and Dancing to Eminem

The Fringe is Less than a WEEK AWAY!

Introducing: The 2013 Fringe Club!



December 7, 2012

Whatcha Gonna Do With All That Data?

imagesShort post today. Man what a week. And am giving a deputation at budget committee Monday, so expect to hear about that too.


I keep seeing more and more analytics/SEO/data mining seminars, webinars, in person conversations being offered, there seems to be a big bump lately. I think it’s excellent. I think more arts orgs should be taking courses like these.

But I have one question – once you know, what are you going to do with this information? Once you’ve SEO’ed, then what?

Are you going to change your poster distribution areas?
Stop telemarketing?
Start holding talkbacks? Stop having talkbacks?
Post more (or less) on Facebook and Twitter? Add or subtract video?

Information is an incredible thing. I love stats. But having them is one thing, and using them is another. Collect your data. More importantly – use it to better market your art, please. If you’re not going to, then it was just an afternoon out of the office.

December 3, 2012

You Just Proved Advertising Works Part 2, and the TWISI Awards


A couple weeks ago I was a tag a long responsible adult for a friend’s Grade Twelve media class field trip.  Part of the trip was a workshop in designing  their own socially conscious ads, and I said I’d post them when I got them. They are in the slideshow below, and I am really impressed. Congrats Mrs. Morton’s Grade Twelve Media class – really good work.

In other news The Way I See It Theatre blog is having a contest of sorts, to be precise The TWISI People’s Choice Awards

A few years ago I started the TWISI People’s Choice Awards and I got a lot of great reception from them. I am taking them in a different (and, I think, much better) direction this year. read more on Facebook.
And now – the ADS!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

August 7, 2012

Sunday Roundup (Long Weekend Edition=Tuesday) August 7

Summerworks opens this week! What will you see?

Hope everyone had a good long weekend – mine involved seeing bands (awesome) going to the zoo for a day (hot and awesome) and patio parties (drinking in the rain awesome!)

Last week:

#Twitter #Mistakes in the #Arts, and Something To Keep In Mind


Look What You Made Me Do – Volume Two

New Dora Rules and Where you Can Find out About Them  – if you cannot make a session, all the new rules and changes and stuff will be online in the fall.

creating social media believers and a literary triathalon

As we ramp up to fall (sorry, but it’s true) things start to get busier and busier which means more and more email. Stepcase Lifehack has a great article on 5 Gmail Filters to Get You to Inbox Zero. I’m going to try them out today. Wonder if they work on FB event invites?



July 24, 2012

In Which We Talked

I led a workshop yesterday on marketing/PR/social media, for a very specific group of arts administrators. Smart, savvy folks that I’ve either worked with or will be working with in the future. On one hand it was great not to go to a go-to Powerpoint presentation that starts with “what is Twitter?” – on the other hand – what was I going to talk about?

And then it occurred to me that one of the most lacking resource in our world (well, everyone’s, I suppose) is time. Time to get things done, time to sort things out, and something that gets sadly left behind is time to spend with your peers and just talk about what we’re doing – what’s working, what’s not, how did you do this, here’s how we did that. Sometimes it happens one on one, sometimes over a beer after an opening night,

And so we did. I asked everyone to write down three things about marketing/PR/social media that they had questions about, or wanted to talk about. And we spent five hours doing just that – not listening to a presentation, or holding questions til the end, but talking. Getting ideas, getting advice, making suggestions. It was a wonderful way to spend an afternoon, and everyone seemed to get something out of it. For companies without dedicated marketing staff, or publicist for shows only, these type of conversations do get understandably left behind in favour of payroll, budgets or contracts.

We don’t have the luxury to do this nearly often enough. Even when we’re talking, it’s email or a scheduled meeting about one thing. If art communicates something, then that’s exactly what we did yesterday.

Big thanks to Sue from Modern Times for asking me to present to this fantastic group of folks, and to Rupal  and big thanks to the OAC for funding it.  And thanks to the participants for making time and really engaging. I think it was both time and money well spent. I’m looking forward to working with these folks again in many capacities – despite the shouts of laughter when I asked if anyone had caught a certain article in the Economist. Here you go.

February 19, 2012

Sunday Roundup – February 19

What a fantastic week. I spent it on Twitter which explains the lack of blog posts (I managed ONE) so we’ll update here and get started again tomorrow.

Words to Email By – cool infographic about email.

Last week, as I mentioned quite often was Social Media Week worldwide – hundreds of events here in Toronto. I worked on two of them – gave a workshop on Social Media for Your Small Business upstairs at the Rhino. The Parkdale Village BIA hired me to to present to  their members and it went really well. We had  a great group of engaged people  – they learned from me, I learned from them and I think the most important takeaway I could give them was to use each other as resources, to shout each other out, to work together when possible because they are a huge part of what makes the neighbourhood great. You can check out some of the commentary on Twitter by searching #smwtoparkdale.

The next night had me at the other end of the town and the spectrum as part of a panel on how women are using social media, presented by Women in Wireless and held in the Imperial Room at the Fairmont Royal York. Absolutely fantastic panel, great group of women in that room, talking, discussing learning from each other. Commentary again available on Twitter at #smwto #wiw.

Friday was my first ACCA workshop attended as a full  member of this organization. The workshop was being live streamed and live tweeted throughout Canada and much fun was had. Twitter highlights at #artexpertca.

And last night was the launch party for WorldStage at Harbourfront with a most excellent party, great food, drink, DJ, dancing and people I haven’t seen in too long or who are always a delight to see.

(you see why I couldn’t manage more than a blog post, right?)

I’m looking forward to a quiet week of admin work. I have a ton of stuff to do and would like to get back on top of things. It has been a week od Amazing Twicks, and I also have an Art Marathon to figure out. I’m going to make some coffee and figure out a plan of attack.



June 14, 2011

Data, Audiences, and my Thoughts on Margie

Excellent newsletter in my inbox today from my friends at Creative Trust on the art of data collection and what the heck to do with it. I’m a data and stats geek myself, so naturally I had to repost.

We all know that collecting data – about our audiences, our donors, our neighbourhood and partners – serves no purpose unless we know how to find it and what to do with it.

We realized, early in our Audiences Project, that our members’ outdated systems and databases were holding them back from applying what they learned. While our companies understood the benefits of  segmenting their lists, tracking buying preferences and linking donation history to ticket buying history, many of their systems made such practices impossible.

Click here to find out how Creative Trust approached this, as well as a link to a very cool manual published by the fine folks at the Australian Government.

Little bit of Facebook love for some of my favourite people – Expect Theatre, Theatre 20 and Mighty Brave – as I mentioned in a previous post with the Facebook group phasing and archiving and yadda yadda everyone’s have to make new groups.  If we want to run awesome contests, share info and communicate, we need people, so feel free to wander over and give it a like.


Some folks have asked me why I haven’t said anything about the ridiculous “interview” of modern dancer Margie Gillis on Sun TV. I will not link to the interview or their website.  I will not add to the Sun’s coffers by doing so. I will say I’ve never seen such a disgraceful piece of alleged journalism.  I sincerely think it would be interesting to see how Miss Erickson would have spoken to someone of Margie`s calibre in the auto industry, or science, or R&D, all of which receive grants equal to if not probably more than Margie and many others dream of. Miss Erickson knew nothing about the subject matter, readily admitted it and proceeded to bulldoze her way through. So instead I will link to Louis Laberge-Cote’s stunning rebuttal, published in the Calgary Beacon, and making the internet rounds as of late..

Something interesting to note – my blog posts create automatic links to items that it has ‘heard of’. I’d like to point out  – it’s heard of Margie Gillis, Laureate of the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards. It’s never heard of Krista Erikson.

May 22, 2011

Sunday Roundup – May 22

What went on this week? It was a good week for client consults and definite working arrangements. And here’s what I posted about.

Today’s PSA: Facebook Pages and Helping Each Other Like Things  – Early week discussion on the new Facebook changes being rolled out, with an invitation to post the link to your new page so as to consolidate those “Facebook is phasing out” messages. Feel free to do so – just drop it in the comments and I’ll pop it into  the post.

Gorgeous Posters! Fabulous Flyers!   sort of a photo essay on why dropping a bundle of flyers on a table full of other bundles of flyers does not mean the end of your marketing efforts.

Coffee and Other Sources of Engagement    – a great coffee meeting with a fellow social marketer friend, a a bit of a chat about the new trend of YouTube “commercials” for live theatre.

The $600 Question: Assets and Marketing  – great article reminding us that we have so much more than “only $600” to get our message across and folks out to see out shows. 

Everybody Loves Creative Capital Gains –  Toronto city council unanimously endorses the Creative Capital Gains report. Good stuff.

About those Blogs…. – repost of a good article outlining why you should comment on other people’s blogs, and a few other thoughts on the subject.

Other News

An excellent blog post by Seth Godin who can manage to take something like the apocalypse and turn it into a marketing lesson.

Have you been to Prince Edward County? If not, you should go, it’s a truly magical place for artists, what with the Arts Trail and Tall Poppy Cafe and artists like Krista Dalby, who one year ago moved to PEC and started Small Pond Arts, an artist residency centre, art gallery and art centre – among other things, they produce festivals, events, music and theatrical productions.

Ninja Funk Orchestra is playing a gig at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern  on May 27th, with special friends the Elastocitizens and I highly recommend you check out this TO Funk Rock Extravaganza – NFO has actually invented a new music hybrid and it’s not to be missed.

And of course – Sunday comics. From Calvin and Hobbes – thanks BIll.

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