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March 8, 2013

One more Video, and a Clever Idea from Canadian Stage

Trailer for Marco Veltri’s Words to Remember:

When there is a cure for Alzheimer’s what will recovering patients have to tell their friends and family about life?
Pasquale Marco Veltri’s latest film “Words to Remember” examines the answer to that question –  what memories are there in the minds of Alzheimer sufferers? What could they tell us and what will we learn from them?

Some smart cookies over there at Canadian Stage.  I mean, I knew that before but I rarely yell, “OMG that’s BRILLIANT!” in a restaurant.

NEW: Free Childcare During THIS

Bring your kids to the theatre on Saturday, April 6 to enjoy a fun arts workshop while you check out THIS with your friends.
We’re pleased to announce a new childcare program, in partnership with Improv Care, to help make your trip to the theatre even easier.
On Saturday, April 6 during the 2 pm performance of THIS, we will offer on-site childcare provided by Improv Care. Improv Care has been providing professional on-site group child and youth care to organizations throughout the city since 2002.

The afternoon features a mask making workshop and a costume party for children aged two to 12, and gives you a convenient and reliable babysitting option. Childcare is free with a ticket to that matinee performance. (Maximum two children per adult, please, to ensure as many families as possible can participate. If you require accommodations, please contact Erin Schachter per the below.)Please call our box office at 416.368.3110 and let them know you’re interested in registering your child(ren) in the program on April 6. Bookings must be made over the phone.For full information on the program, Improv Care, the on-site leader, the activity plan, and more, please visit our website. If you have any questions please contact: Erin Schachter, Education and Audience Development Manager, at or 416.367.8243 ex 280.


November 29, 2012

OAC Podcasts, The Arsonists and Cahoots

The OAC has started doing program podcasts, which is VERY cool – they offer additional info on various OAC programs, interviewing the grants officers etc. I like this for many reasons. Here’s the link to Theatre Programs, and here’s the link to Compass. Go have a listen, they both feature Pat Bradley who is awesome and gives good podcast.

Saw The Arsonists last night –  loved it. Despite knowing in advance that it had gotten great reviews, and others were loving it I did NOT know there was so much music AND a band. Things that make me happy…oh, and the set was GORGEOUS. Off you go to see it, it was really full last night. I’m gonna go read my program again.

Cahoots is having a fundraiser tomorrow night, which sounds excellent. Please join us on Friday, November 30th for an exciting night of fun and games with the Cahooters. From 6pm – 11pm we will be converting the Cahoots Studio Space to a cozy hangout with chili, drinks, snacks and a large selection of boardgames to come enjoy with your friends!
Tickets are $30 (for which you will received a $20 charitable tax receipt) and space is extremely limited so please RSVP to Justine by emailing her at
In the Cahootsalicious tradition we ask that you bring your own unique bowl for chili and to show off to your friends. We hope to see you there. Bring your game face!

Cahoots Theatre Company 388 Queen Street East, Unit 3, Toronto

Not much else to report today. It’s chilly out, put your hat on and find your gloves.

February 28, 2012

Tomorow is the 12 hour Arts Marathon!

Leap Day is tomorrow and within 24 hours of writing this I will be out the door for the first ever 12 hour Arts Marathon, sponsored by me.

The weather is scheduled to be gross, then again it’s supposed to be raining right now and it’s sunny, so we’ll see what happens.

Now then!

11:00 am
Parkdale Public Library
– literature – and it means I can get a book to read in between times.

11:30 am
– visual art – I’m not going to see a specific exhibition, rather I am going to see MOCCA. It is a fifteen minute walk from my house and I have never been there. This is the point of living downtown.

1:30 pm
Canadian Stage
– dance – ticket booked for Dark MattersInnovative and award-winning choreographer Crystal Pite’s work integrates original music, text, rich visual design, and a keen sense of wit and invention.

430 pm
Bell Lightbox
– film – ticket booked for Monsieur Lazharone of the most acclaimed Québécois films of the last decade and Canada’s submission for the 2011 Academy Award for Best Foreign Film

800 pm
Factory Theatre
– theatre – ticket booked for Theatre Ad Infinitum’s The Big SmokeIn a courageous physical performance with a completely original text and score sung a cappella, Amy Nostbakken tells the story of a brilliant young artist from Toronto given the opportunity of a lifetime: solo exhibit at London’s Tate Modern Art Gallery.

1000 pm
The Cameron House
Nichol Robertson is scheduled to play the front room at 10 pm.

There you have it – clearly no blog post tomorrow, but you can check in with me on Twitter and I’ll be using #12hAM.

In case people are wondering how much all this costs, numbers will be posted tomorrow. I think this can be done for less than $100.

A demain!

February 3, 2012

Linky Friday

Still more things I’d bookmarked and forgotten to tell you about. They’re good for a Friday, pictures and a TED video, which are always good.

75 Abandoned Theatres From Around the USA – I would prefer it if this was not the fate of our city-owned theatres. Beautiful buildings.

Canadian Stage has announced its 2012/13 season it looks fantastic and you KNOW which production  I cannot wait to see.

I’ve created a new page called Panels+Workshops so you can see which one’s I’m doing when. It is in progress.

And here you go: Use art to turn the world inside out. And have a good Friday.

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