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December 13, 2012

Client Shout out

Usually at the end of the year I do a touch up to my projects list, so thought since I was here, I’d update you as well. These are fantastic companies I’m working with – be prepared to hear more about them

We’ve just closed the books on our wildly successful production of Proud, and we’re continuing to work together on something.

Expect Theatre Company (we worked together for Fringe 2010) is in the 2012 Next Stage Festival with their production of Awake and I’m working with them again in marketing.

Still happily working with OCAF on social media and PR – and they’ve got an anniversary coming up in 2013!

Small Print Toronto and I are working on a communications strategy to let the world know about the amazing events they put together for small people, including my favourite, Totsapalooza.

Just signed on with Harold Green Jewish Theatre/Obsidian Theatre to do PR and communications for their upcoming production of The Whipping Man, which is an incredible script.

Working with the fine folks over at The Quickening Theatre on their spring show The DeChardin Project, and looking forward to it.

Tidying up last loose ends with Young Associates from social media strategy to a webinar Heather and I did together for ACCA

Fall production of Math Out Loud out of Vancouver!

I’ll know about two more (exciting!) by the end of the day.

Quick volunteer update – Friends of the Arts, Toronto Fringe Festival, and we had out first meeting for Artsvote 2014 yesterday. Be prepared.

I love my clients. I love working with them, and I really love the art they create. Pleasure to be working with them.


November 25, 2012

Sunday Round-Up November 25

Before I dive into a three-scripts-to-read day, I’d like to mention I have no idea who this dog is calling. Or why he doesn’t have a cell phone. Or where he got change to make the call.

And so here we are, rounding up last week:

It’s Tuesday – indeed it was.

Clocks Youth and Burgers – Didn’t get to see the Clock the Burger Ball was a great success (search #burgerball) and I’m happy to report the field trip ad designs are in so expect to see them sometime next week.

You Just Proved Advertising Works – well, you did.

Someone asked me the other day who I’ve been working with lately so here you go. I’m still working with Michael on past, present and future stuff for Proud, tying up some social media work for Young Associates, doing the marketing/social media for Expect Theatre and Awake for Next Stage, social media for OCAF, just finished lending a hand to Arts & Lies Productions, working on a strat plan with Small Print Toronto, and still more planning with Math Out Loud. So there you go. Things in the hopper, other irons in the fire, hence the reading of scripts today. Busy and happy with great projects.

Also – an article on Facebook and Edgerank – so everyone calm down. Thanks Rebecca! There’s also a great one in this week’s MacLean’s – have a read. I’m still not clear where anyone got the idea that all their fans would see all their posts all the time. If you had flyers, postcards, print ads, direct mail – would you have thought everyone had seen them? Even if they were up in the theatre you worked out of, or your admin offices? Food for thought.

Have a good Sunday.


October 14, 2012

Sunday Round-up October 14

Some days in the office at home, some days  on the Island, paperwork and organizing for the next rounds of new clients and workshops and STUFF.

Cool Stuff Over and Under the Ground

Other People Might Not Know This

This week brings a sea of potential new client meetings, all of which I’m happy about. It also brings a double workshop day on the 17th: I’ll spend part of my morning talking to a friend’s George Brown class about Indie Producing, and finish the day giving a workshop at Parkdale Library on social media for artists. Wonderful stuff.

Off to Ottawa next week to participate  in Arts Day On Parliament Hill.

I’m also working on a social media strategy for Young Associates, and we’re turning that into a webinar on Nov 7th. Details coming.

And speaking of the Parkdale Library they have a visual art exhibit on called Young Voices and the deadline for the 2013 applications is coming up. Check it out. The photo above is not great but I was balancing books and trying to take the picture and the drawing was up high and well, you get it.

Have a good Sunday, whether you are marathoning on the streets or cooking in your kitchen or deep in a book.

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