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December 3, 2012

You Just Proved Advertising Works Part 2, and the TWISI Awards


A couple weeks ago I was a tag a long responsible adult for a friend’s Grade Twelve media class field trip.  Part of the trip was a workshop in designing  their own socially conscious ads, and I said I’d post them when I got them. They are in the slideshow below, and I am really impressed. Congrats Mrs. Morton’s Grade Twelve Media class – really good work.

In other news The Way I See It Theatre blog is having a contest of sorts, to be precise The TWISI People’s Choice Awards

A few years ago I started the TWISI People’s Choice Awards and I got a lot of great reception from them. I am taking them in a different (and, I think, much better) direction this year. read more on Facebook.
And now – the ADS!

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