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February 21, 2012

To Do, To Don’t, To Done, ToDay

Hello again,

Hope everyone had a good Family Day long weekend!

I am a fan of a website called Stepcase Lifehack, they usually have some good article on productivity for work and life, that sort of thing. Interesting article last week:

Why To-Do Lists Don’t Work and Done Lists Do

I am a big fan of the to-do list – rather, I am a big fan of checking things off  – I’ll put “wake up” on a list for the feeling of crossing it off, and I know others who will add things they’ve already done so they can get that check mark. The article makes some interesting points though about the value of that check mark  – it assigns equal value to every task. It’s quite easy to check off “wake up” and virtually impossible to check off “design new marketing materials with full input from all senior staff”. So to-do list is not the way to go, apparently.

What made me smile two days later was another article from Lifehack:

15 Ways To Stay Focused At Work

What’s Number 7? You guessed it – Make a daily “to-do” list and keep it nearby.  So clearly there are a few trains of thought on the to-do list and its effectiveness.

I have several lists – my calendar is the biggest list I own. Appointments, meetings, deadlines, social things etc all live in my calendar so they can co mingle together and I can figure out what affects what and where. I also have a book list in my smart phone – books I want to read or take out of the library or buy so I always have it handy – ditto a list of “stuff” so that when I’m at a store that carries “stuff”, I can look at my list and remember I need “three small hooks” or “shoelaces” and pick them up.

I’ve also taken to writing notes in my calendar so I am reminded to do something about them “send Lisa X info” doesn’t have a real deadline in theory, so if I am reminded to do it I will.It all comes down to what makes you most productive. What are your thoughts on to-do lists?



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