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September 20, 2011

Just for the Record


After another all night marathon with 300+ people signed up to depute, certain councillors obsessed with not allowing people to speak at two deputations at this oh-so democratic process, children singing songs, people dressed up as Santa and Roy Mitchell – where do we stand?

Recommended for cuts/sell-off


  • Library closures
  • Community groups will be given time to save the Riverdale Farm
  • The phasing out of 2,000 subsidized daycare positions
  • community grants that makeup less than 5 per cent of a program budget
  • snow plow services / windrow clearing
  • grass cutting in parks
  • TTC Blue Night bus service

Sent back to City Manager

  • Reduction of library hours
  • Reduction of police force
  • Reduction of new affordable housing
  • Cuts to various environmental programs
  • Elimination of the the four free garbage tags
  • Elimination of the Hardship Fund

Live Blog bits from  torontoist:

Gord Perks: I get two seconds to speak to each of 89 recommendations.” [Pauses two seconds]. “That was daycare.” Goes on to say that the City is seriously lowballing revenue projections, and forcing a vote before actual revenue figures are available—the cuts may not be necessary at all. “This is not governance, this is the thing that governments do when they are not doing their job. This is wreckage.”

Adam Vaughan: “I’ve been around this place for 25 years worth of budgets. I have never seen a document that is so short of facts… I have never seen a budget process more corrupt. Not corrupt in a legal sense, but corrupt as a process… This is the most sinister piece of legislation that has ever been in front of this city council, and it needs to be stopped.”

Ana Bailão: What we’ve learned from these mtgs is that “Torontonians care about their city…. They want a moderate approach.” And another voice joining the chorus, Josh Matlow: “We are not well informed enough to make these decisions today.”He goes on to say that people want more than just the services the City is absolutely legally required to provide.

Mary-Margaret McMahon: “I will not blindly slash and burn and cut things that make our city great.” (Note: she doesn’t vote today, as she is not on the Executive Committee.)

“I don’t even know what these cuts mean”—Janet Davis. She lists all the pieces of information they don’t have.

Mihevc: “This is not a debate among Torontonians. Every single meeting has been a rally…to maintain a strong city.” And then: “What these three reports represent is the most massive change to city government in 14 years… This does not even come close to the information we require to make wise and intelligent choices.”

Some thoughtful tweets from @PraxisTheatre

Santa re Xmas bureau: “they’ve been doing this since 1956 & know what they’re doing. Don’t forget, I know what you’ve been doing.” #TOpoli

Rob Ford campaigned on the promise of no cuts. Is he a man of his word, or not?” #TOpoli

Another deputant reminds the mayor he campaigned on “no cuts, guaranteed”. “We expected more from you when we hired you.”

Lyn Adamson emotional as she shouts over Rob Ford cutting her off: “You can’t cut the vehicle registration tax and then raise TTC fares.”

Single mother now telling committee that subsidized daycare allowed her to finish high school and go to university.


And two I really liked and found somewhere:

“You have eliminated sources of revenue. You are the source of the problem.”

“I’m a member of a special-interest group called residents of Toronto.”

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