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July 26, 2013

What Should I Read Next? Here You Go!

Twice yesterday I was asked to recommend books to read, and in that same space of time found and was referred to two separate websites to choose something to read. Behold the power of the internets,

For those wondering, my off the top off the shelf recs were: In no particular order: Gone Girl; The Table Comes First; The Poisoner’s Handbook; Pain, Parties Work; Brain on Fire; The Night Circus. I’ll add in In The Company of The Courtesan; Cleopatra; Left Neglected; Midnight at the Dragon Cafe.

I have two proposals and an RFP to write today, so I am glad my two days of look at and listen to this worked and re-inspired me.

And here are the links!

This one is serious – you type in the name of a book you liked (or its author) and it starts spitting out other things you might like. You can even just start typing letters – it starts searching the second you type anything. Its bookmarked.


Love this one – and hey it’s an infographic!  Before you check it out, have a happy Friday, and remember LabCab is this weekend!

resad next


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