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August 29, 2011

Sorry, I Can’t Quite Hear You

Excellent article over at MoreInMedia which I found as a RT from  my colleague Angela Crocker.

Social Media Voices – Can you Hear Them?

What exactly is your social media voice? The article explains that ” The voice [I’m] referring to is your Social Media Voice.  It is your voice, amplified on all social media platforms and outlets.  It’s your voice, branded for business.  It’s your voice, calling clients, customers and business partners together.  It’s your voice; a clear authority.”

There are a few good links to take a look at within the article as well.

Take a peek at your social media initiatives  – not your personal ones, but the ones that bring home the (soy) bacon. The company.

What’s the company’s voice? Is it the voice of the CEO? Or is it Stacey the intern who is in charge of social media?

Think about the point of you having a LinkedIn profile/Facebook page/Twitter feed. Don’t have something because someone said you should and then realize it’s not the right medium for your company voice.

I’m off to think about it. You should too.


Oh and from the Globe – check out the Maximum City course – “I thought if I had a better understanding of how things work, I’d be better positioned to try and make a difference in the future,” said Isabella Chiu, 15, a Grade 11 student who was one of the successful applicants out of more than 50 who applied for the pilot program.

The future feels okay today.

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