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August 20, 2012

Business is Booming and Introducing Camp Tech

Homebody goes into rehearsals next week, Proud goes into rehearsals next week, and I’ve signed on to work with two repeat clients that take me well into the new year.  Two social media for artists workshops coming up in the fall. I’m also working with a group out of Vancouver  – a piece for young audiences called Math Out Loud , aimed at high school students to show them how math affects everything in life from the curve of a river bed, to music to Escher. Click here for their promo video.

Jeez, business is good.

If I had time right now – I’d absolutely be going to this – Camp Tech. You’ve heard me brag about Avery Swartz before – she did my business cards and the logo you see on my website, did the design for Proud and is just all around darn good at what she does. Now she’s expanded her business – CAMP TECH.

Camp Tech offers practical, professional tech skills training in a fun & friendly environment. Our relaxed, informative, & hands-on classes in downtown Toronto are for anyone curious to learn more about technology.  Click here for classes in everything from Photoshop to html and SEO.

Nice going, Ms. Swartz.

I marvel every so often about the business I am in and the work that I do. I’m surrounded by talented, creative people and it makes me happy.  And now I’m off to lunch with uber-photog Dahlia Katz, before coming back and finishing cash flows and distribution plans (I didn’t say it was ALL glamorous…)



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