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August 28, 2012

Who You’re Posting to and How You Say It.

A while back I posted an article on timing your social media posts.

And now we have an excellent reminder from Creative Trust on talking to who you’re posting to.

From the post: The professional use of social media requires discussion, thought and – ultimately – policy guidelines about who speaks for your company and what they say. I’m not suggesting that you put a stranglehold on staff, requiring that all posts and tweets go through multiple layers of approval. But it’s important to know that your presence on social media reflects your organization’s values and purpose; that you know who’s posting and why; and that you decide how to turn critics into supporters.

Couldn’t agree more. This is why it’s wildly important to have a social media policy, it’s also equally important to find your voice. Figure out who you’re talking to and how they wish you’d communicate with them. Will they indeed be annoyed by the 2b or not 2b style of tweets mentioned by Creative Trust?

Fun fact: I usually am. The e-card below has been making the rounds for weeks now, and is the first thing that pops up on Google, so it’s not just me.

Sometimes you have more than one voice, let’s face it. Donors may get a different voice than ticket buyers than so and so. For those who claim it’s disingenuous – I have s feeling we all speak to our friends differently than our Grandmas. Still you – but a different voice.

Find your voice. Use it according to the situation at hand.



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