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February 11, 2013

I Didn’t Know the Pope Could Quit

well, I didn’t. I assumed he had to die in office, so to speak. And now I’m thinking again about the fantastic movie Habemus Papam that I saw at TIFF a couple years back. You should rent it.

Anyway – here we are on a Monday morning. Looking forward to a busy client week, starting off with a meeting at OCAF, and seeing the DeChardin Project tomorrow night and 4.48 Psychosis opening Thursday.

I’m also tweaking and fine tuning the course description for the class I’m tag-teaching in March/April, which leads to two links I found last week

Avoid Lazy Language – Say What You Mean
27 Phrases to Slash from Your Copy

wise words in both – pun intended. New phrase I learned:  déformation professionnelle (looking at things from the point of view of one’s profession) which applies to Maslow’s hammer, which I did know about, but now have the origin of.


Got five? Take a look at your copy and play a bit of buzzword/acronym bingo with it. Just so you’re aware of it.


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