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June 3, 2012

Sunday Roundup – June 3

It’s June. JUNE!

I’ll Take Director Fury’s Advice – when technology fails you, do not fail yourself.

Scriptease and Edward Bond and Artists – in which National Theatre of the World continues to be amazing, and an opportunity for my performer-director friends

Rainy Day Post – just that.

Pleased to let you know I’ll be working with Shannon Litzenberger on her new dance piece HOMEbody as well as with  Bound To Create on their Fringe production  of Dirty Butterfly.

The Edward Bond Festival is coming up soon! June 12 -20 all over Toronto – check their website for information!

Proud is still going strong, we’ve got an amazing team assembled so far and we’ll be announcing casting in the next couple of weeks.

And speaking of Fringe you MUST go check out their new website! Clean, organized and oh-so searchable, it is a Virgo dream come true. I’m going to choose my shows this afternoon – it’s coming up!

Couple more additions to the Summer Reading post as well.

Happy Sunday!

June 1, 2012

Rainy Day Post

It’s finally raining! My garden will be pleased.

The other night I was trying to figure out how to make an excel column “sticky” so it wouldn’t move when I scrolled down the page. I asked my Facebook friends – it’s called “freeze panes” and it’s under View in Microsoft Excel 2010.
I’m not really a fan of the new Microsoft layout. I can’t seem to – FIND – things.

While I was looking for freeze panes info (and how to convert table to text) I also found this article which I thought was funny and true – for everyone admin-ing in the rain today – 10 Things I can never find in Word 2007.

In social media news, an article from a colleague – Facebook Finally Lets Page Admins Schedule Posts, Have Different Roles. I tried it – it works. There’s a little set up involved (but when isn’t there in life?) but it does work.

This is NOT to say you’re going to schedule all your posts and then just LEAVE. You’re not going to do that because what if a post gets a response that requires a response? What if the post  – doesn’t? What if the post screws up? Remember Director Fury’s Advice – be the person behind the tech, not just the tech.

Finally – I’ve mentioned I’m working with Sheep No Wool Theatre Company – they’re putting on the Edward Bond Festival in less than two weeks. Great interview here from The Way I See It theatre blog – have a read!

Happy Friday – oh – if you’re looking for something to do this weekend, catch Stockholm at the Tarragon Extra Space before it closes. Some really nice stuff on that stage.

May 30, 2012

Scriptease and a PSA re Edward Bond and Artists

The past two days have been all about funding apps and funding sources and cash flow and it’s been a very – numbery – 48 hours.

For a break I went to see National Theatre of The World’s Scriptease! NTOTW are three of the best comedian/improvisers I know – Naomi , Ron and Matt. The premise behind Scriptease is that they’ve gotten several well known playwrights to pen the first two pages of a script – they cold read those pages and improvise the rest of the show. Last night Michael Healey was on deck as playwright, and we were treated to a play called “Report”, featuring Lena a bureaucrat, Steve the CIA agent and Oleg, the Minister of the Interior of Khazakstan. A great time – they’re running all week with more plays and wrights so you should definitely check it out.

It’s in the Backspace at Passe Muraille, so seating is limited. If you call to find out if there are tickets still available, just buy them when you’re on the phone, instead of being like crabby guy last night who apparently called in the afternoon and had a fit when he got there last night and it was sold out. That’s how it works in theatre, folks.  In fact, I think that’s how it works in capitalism.

The Edward Bond Festival has a great event for artists to take part in  – two great events, actually – a hands-on text workshop with acclaimed Stratford text coach and teacher Ian Watson, and a once in a lifetime chance to sit in on two rehearsal sessions with Edward Bond, director David Jansen and a team of actors as they wrestle with Bond’s play Have I None. Click here for details and registering. Like the show above space is limited, so best get on that. Don`t be crabby guy.

Over and out for today!



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