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June 26, 2013

Cottage Reading, a Social Media Workshop and Dancing to Eminem

534977_10152735580020721_524773827_nAnd we’re back on the grid after a week without internet or cell phone service. Oddly blissful. Somehow a relief to live life without posting, tweeting or instagramming it.

Got a big chunk or reading done, all those downloads and books you mean to read but are short on time or focus. Along with a film script (pretty good) and a novel manuscript (really good) here some of them,  in case you’re interested.

The Science of Marketing  excerpt download from Hubspot

Simon Brault – Notes for APASO, TAPA Toronto – April 12, 2012 – spectacular keynote address

B2B Social Media: A Roadmap To Revenue whitepaper from MarketWired

A few others as well but you get the picture. Things that live in a file on your desktop til you read them.


How to Host a Dinner Party, by Corey Mintz loved it. easy reading, excellent ideas, confirmation of what you might already be doing right, and how to stop doing the wrong things.

Made to Stick by the Heath brothers Excellent excellent book. Why do some ideas thrive while others die?

The Lord of the Rings (first book – what? I’d never read it before. It’s pretty good). 🙂

Cooked by Michael Pollan – GREAT book – cooking via the four elements – earth, air, fire, water. I didn’t know how little I knew about barbecue til last week. Timing was excellent as I was cooking all week at the cottage and my appreciation for stinky cheese grew immeasurably.

Excellent evening last night, hosted by Dancer Transition Resource Centre – a social media 101 workshop for about 25 folks. Smart, inquisitive, not afraid of questions or answers. Had a great time – hope they did too – thanks for having me. One of the participants was telling a story about her most viral post – she’s a dancer and didn’t have a lot going on in the way of performance at one point – being 8 months pregnant and all. So she made a video of something most 8 months pregnant people don’t do, or in fact most un-pregnant people don’t do either.


June 12, 2013

The Shape of Rex, 25 second film contest and a Social Media Workshop


At the Royal last night to see The Shape of Rex – here’s Brian Johnson’s take on it.


Loved it – and I know so much of the talent involved it was like coming home.  Ryan Hollyman and Monica Dottor and Aviva Armour-Ostroff  and Brett Donohue and Jack Nicholsen and Lorne Cardinal and Layne Coleman at the helm. Wonderful work and I am impressed to my toes with the talent in that movie – heart-wrenching moments and teenagers making you laugh and love and anguish and   – just wonderful work. I agree completely and utterly with Brian’s question not understanding why this film is not being paid the attention it deserves.

I’ve worked with almost all the people I listed up there – and I’ve see numerous pieces Layne has directed. Seeing a film of his is different than a play – with a play you can look at anything happening on stage (including the LX cues) but with this – I felt like with every single shot was Layne telling me personally exactly what he wanted me to look at, and it was beautiful. My heart is happy and full.  It’s only playing for  a couple more nights, best get a ticket and go. Click here for showtimes and info.

Speaking of films – well, videos – got what it takes to tell a Fringe story in 25 seconds?

go ahead and submit – full contest details are here – and take a look at some of the videos already in!

Also I have a workshop coming up in a couple of weeks with Dancer Transition Resource Centre –  ninety minutes of questions and answers and learning about the why and the how of social media for artists. You should maybe come by.

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April 5, 2013

Arts Funding, Social Media Presence, and Where We Work


Click the image to find out just what happened.

Saturday I’m off to the first  of the four consultations about just how and where that money should be put to use.
And Sunday I’m off to give a workshop on social media at the Dancer Transition Resource Centre as part of their Living Creatively agenda.

It’s been a long week. A good and busy one, but long. Our intrepid Communications Coordinator has taken over the blog today with the post below. But first – a cartoon.


And now may I present Lisa presenting

Sue and Lisa’s Favourite Places to Work

 The Gladstone Hotel
We love the Gladstone. The restaurant in the Melody Bar usually doesn’t open until 5pm and so we are free to grab a coffee from the cafe and take up some of the comfy space! You can find us there, typing away on our individual computers, for hours… luckily we’ve become friends with the servers.

Try the... Falafel… but don’t expect the typical meal!

CSI Cafe on Bathurst
A creative space full of contentious people. There is always a space for us to plug in at the large communal tables and work the day away.

Try the… Soup of the day. Always healthy. Always delicious.

Dark Horse
Sunny, spacious and hip… we like Darkhorse on Spadina for its feel and funky music. Have to be careful to grab a plug in when it’s free, but generally worth the trip downtown!

Try the… Three Cheese Grilled Cheese. Triple the cheese, triple the nom-nom-nom.

Tequila Bookworm
When Sue first told me to meet her at Tequila Bookworm one day at noon, I was a bit alarmed… turns out the place is a great mix between cafe and restaurant… free wifi and yummy food… don’t mind if we do!

Try the… burger any way you like it. They’ve got yummy fries too!

Cadillac Lounge
This is definitely the most ‘bar-like’ space we work in. It’s a very casual environment and a different feel from most spaces. You’ll like this if you’re in the mood for a beer while you work!

Try the… All day breakfast: Cheap and satisfying!

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