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May 23, 2013

Take our Junk Mail – please?


I found this article to be – slightly bizarre. And desperate.

“Junk mail is useful.

So says Canada Post in a direct pitch to Canadians to take down their “no flyers” signs, arguing that they are missing out on coupons, catalogues and community notices.

Addressed to Occupant, letters from Amanda Maltby, Canada Post’s chief privacy officer and general manager of compliance began arriving this week in some residents’ mailboxes across the country.”

So Canada Post’s revenues are in decline, because we don’t mail things any more to people who want to receive things from us. So instead they are asking us to sign up to receive things from people we don’t know that are quite probably things we don’t want and accept them to keep Canada Post in business.

Please tell me when this became my problem?

Hmm. For fun I just went and grabbed my junk mail from the past two days out of my recycling bin. I used to have a “no junk mail” sticker on my mailbox, but since it’s part of a superbox of 50, 3 days out of 5 I get junk mail. What do we have?

A leaflet/magazine about homes and the feature article is backyard landscaping. I own a condo with a balcony. Unhelpful.
A leaflet from RBC on car and life insurance – I don’t own a car and I already have insurance through my current financial institution.
Pizzaiolo menu. I don’t order from them, and if I did it would be online. Where I can access all this information anyway.
Rogers stuff, Rogers stuff, Rogers stuff.
Realtors wanting to help sell my condo, Realtors wanting to help sell my condo, Realtors wanting to help sell my condo.
Grey Power Insurance flyer. Badly targeted direct mail – the average age in my condo community is >45. Now I’m vaguely  insulted.

So to recap – Coupons? Zero. Catalogs? Zero. Community notices? Zero. Junk Mai? Ten. And when I get that letter addressed to “Occupant”? Eleven.

It would probably help if the junk – excuse me – direct unaddressed ad – mailers would do a better job of targeting. Drives me nuts. I’m extremely picky about niche marketing, mostly because the companies I work with don’t have the cash to spray and pray. They need their flyers and info to go to people who will want and use them.

I also might think about it if you’d manage to get me my first class mail on time. And if my Maclean’s Magazine subscription didn’t mysteriously just not show up every long  weekend.

Bad marketing Canada Post. Desperate plea for us  to take something we don’t want or need to help keep you afloat. I also don’t want or need the chocolate bars kids sell to get their junior band to the championships, but at least they have an appealing reason.

Perhaps you could do a crowfunder. Call it Postie-starter. Or PostieGoGo.


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