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July 1, 2013

Double Roundup Monday July 1



Happy Canada Day and Happy Pride Weekend – hope everyone had and is having a marvelous time and aren’t too sunburned. Please SPF and hydrate.

Got back in town late last Sunday so there was no roundup, and then the week was all about getting back into the swing of things so here you go – one giant roundup. The “from the archives” seemed to work for you last week, so that might continue to happen on holidays. But only holidays because with the amount I read last week and the Fringe opening this week – well there’s far too much to talk about.



From the Archives: SWF Seeks Basic Website – must be attractive, clean and open to sharing…

From The Archives: #Twitter #Mistakes in the #Arts, and Something To Keep In Mind

From The Archives: My Thoughts on Starting a Theatre Company

Web 2.0, User Reviews & Ticket Sales

Cottage Reading, a Social Media Workshop and Dancing to Eminem

The Fringe is Less than a WEEK AWAY!

Introducing: The 2013 Fringe Club!



July 3, 2012

Sunday Roundup on Tuesday

And we’re BACK. I hope everyone got a good long weekend getting their Canada Day on, or their Pride on or doing whatever it is you did to have a great long weekend. I read a lot, so there are a couple of updates on the Summer Reading page.

last week:

Accolades across the Country – with the Doras, Jessies and Sterligs happening all on one day there was a lot to applaud.

2nd Floor – menswear, haberdashery, Fringe Fundraiser – Fringe Fundraiser and where it was

Yesterday’s Marketing Quiz and Get Ready For Fringe!

Speaking of getting ready for Fringe – it opens tomorrow! Big year, we’re saying farewell to Gideon Arthurs, our Executive Director for the past five years, and welcoming Kelly Straughan our new Executive Director. The Fringe is bigger than ever this year, and I suggest you take a look at their website to see what’s happening. Besides 150+ shows to choose from there’s the massive undertaking that includes the Fringe Club. Go peek!

Speaking of art, his is interesting, I found it rooting around in my bookmarks.  A hospital in the States is taking art in exchange for health care credits.

July 3, 2011

Sunday Roundup – July 3

I really hope everyone’s been having a great long weekend, great Canada Day weekend, a great Pride weekend. Perhaps you`ve been barbequing or royal watching  – whatever your choice was I hope it`s been great. Despite some odd political choices my fellow Canadians have recently made, we still have a pretty good country.

Busy week again – it always is with a short week, a couple of meetings and a stack of admin work and it’s already the end, and so a quick round-up, plus some other stuff that went on that I hadn`t mentioned yet.

It`s Dora Day! – Monday the 27th marked the annual Dora Mavour Moore Awards – I had a great time with fantastic people, this year felt especially community, and had a real family vibe to it. Congrats again to the TAPA team on a grand event.

Dora Roundup – looking for the winners, and various thoughts on the evening? Here’s a bunch.

Right Hand Meet Left Hand – still my lack of understanding on what’s not to get about the arts being a multi-billion dollar industry who are subjected regularly to punishing cuts, and constantly on alert to have to defend our industry and our very existence.

Coming up this week – it’s Fringe! I have made my list so far, approximately 30+ shows and so many I am looking forward to. Excellent article here from the TWISI blog on how to get the most out of your Fringe experience. Couple good articles here (on site specifics) and here (on folks to watch).  Expect the next couple of weeks to have alerts as to what I’ve seen and loved, and more things Fringe.

On that note I’ll shill for a couple of things – I’m really proud to be working on Awake with Expect Theatre it’s been getting some great advance buzz and I can’t wait to see it.

Eat Locally, Fringe Nationally! The annual Fringe Festival fundraiser is taking place July 15 at 6:00 – creole family style dinner at Southern Accent, followed by The Soaps featuring International Theatre of the World and then more fun at the hottest watering hole in July – the Fringe Club! Tickets are $100 and available by calling Adam at the festival (416.966.1062)

It’s a beautiful day out – not a cloud in the sky – Happy Pride to all, and especially to some of my best beloveds!

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