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June 24, 2011

For Those Who Think It’s All Glamour.

The text in my Facebook ad is being twitchy-glitchy, and no WAY am I paying eighty cents a click, and I’ve run out of black ink. I’ve looked three places to buy it and the one that has it doesn’t open til 10, and I have an appointment at 11 and even so the specialty paper I’m using keeps jamming. I am this video – there is swearing in it.

The postcards are in and we’re looking for a distributor. The Fringe fundraiser is coming up mid July and we need to sell tickets to that, whenever I try to save something to my desktop it takes forever before casually responding that it’s not responding.

I have a RFP to submit for a potential client and I need to get my toes done because the Doras are on Monday. I keep tripping over the printer cable as it’s in the living room and I was designing and testing til midnight last night (hence the no black ink).  I have no idea what to blog about today – sometimes inspiration just doesn’t strike.

And I’m out of contact lens solution.


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