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July 9, 2013

#FringeTO – July 9 – Day Seven

Sorry I missed you yesterday. Even sorrier about the weather wreaking havoc on our city yesterday with apparently more rain to come. Hope everyone has power back, and is safe and dry.

A ridiculously large shout out to Fringe staff, volunteers, attendees, venue staff, performers and others who tried to keep art going last night despite – you know – flooding. What a strange evening. Don’t even TALK to me about our illustrious Mayor, our fearless leader. Thank god you got your burger voters out pre-crisis, sir. God forbid you have to LEAD.

What’s Going On – please stay tuned to the Fringe Twitter feed (@Toronto_Fringe ) and FB group for updates should things change.



Also launched last week – the Toronto Theatre Database! From the website – The Toronto Theatre Database is a new online project, dedicated to the recording and preservation of the production histories and performance dates of Toronto’s professional theatrical productions. It is a hub through which professionals and fans of the Toronto theatre community can explore Toronto’s theatre past, present and future.

Toronto produces hundreds of theatrical productions every year, and those shows are at risk of being forgotten as time passes. The Toronto Theatre Database catalogues and preserves Toronto’s rich theatre history, and as new shows are announced and staged, TTDb will document them. Though there are some online archives of Toronto productions, none are easily accessible to the public, or as complete as TTDb aims to be. Patrons can explore the work and background of the Toronto theatre community, and those who work in the community have a resource that details their roots and connections.

July 7, 2013

Sunday Roundup and #FringeTO – Day Five – both July 7

Easy roundup this week covering all sorts of things Fringe. The Fringe Club is rocking, some great bands playing, some great plays showing and visual and wearable art all over the place – have you gotten your signature Fringe collection jewelry yet?

It’s Fringe Opening Day!

#FringeTO – July 4 – Day Two

#FringeTO – July 5 – Day Three

#TOFringe – July 6 – Day Four


What’s Going On


What I’m Seeing


Clearly I need to book a couple of other shows today.

Busy week fitting in regular work with Fringe fun and festivities, but am delighted to report that Bound to Create and Obsidian Theatre Company are working together on a remount of last year’s Fringe hit Dirty Butterfly, and I’m on board to work with them –  I did the marketing and PR for that first incarnation and am thrilled to come back for round two that combines two companies I love.

Same week had me in a meeting with Theatre Rusticle and we’re on for their fall production of Dinner’s at Seven Thirty over at Buddies – it’s shaping up to be a great fall, theatre-wise, and we’re still Fringing!

October 25, 2012

Upcoming Toronto Fringe Stuff!

I’m back from Parliament Hill – more on that later. Today – we prepare for things Fringe!


Call for Submissions: 2013 Fringe New Play Contest  – TOMORROW

Applications for the 2013 Fringe New Play Contest are now open!

Remember Kim’s Convenience? Remember Help Yourself? These Fringe shows were brought into the spotlight by the Fringe New Play Contest, sponsored by Exclamation Foundation and macIDeas. If you’re a playwright and want to be a household name, the Fringe New Play Contest is the best way to fast-track that success. Even better – this year is Fringe’s 25th Anniversary, so the media attention will be bigger and bolder than ever! Applications close on Friday October 26th at 5pm, or when 80 applications are received.

Details are available on the website.

Call for Submissions: TD Culturally Diverse Artists Project Applications

With generous and invaluable support from TD Bank, we are launching the second of a three year pilot project to encourage greater participation in the Fringe Festival by artists who self-identify as culturally diverse.  Our aim is to remove some of the traditional barriers to participation, including financial concerns and a sense of being excluded from mainstream events.

TD’s Culturally Diverse Artists Project applications for the 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival will  close on November 5th.

Click HERE for more information including application inquiries.

Call for Submission: 2013 Lottery Applications

The 2013 Toronto Fringe Festival Lottery applications will close on November 5th!  Don’t miss your chance to be a part of the 25th Anniversary Fringe Festival.  Apply NOW.

Event: The Creation Lab Open House

Announcing the Fringe OPEN HOUSE – a monthly event in the Fringe Creation Lab where anyone can use the beautiful, loft-style studio spaces for FREE. This is part of our goal to keep the Fringe Creation Lab as accessible we can – we want the Lab to be a resource for rehearsal, professional development, networking and just plain hangin’ out. Inspired by the Centre for Social Innovation HOT DESK project, the OPEN HOUSE is our way of offering artists the opportunity to share resources and workspace.

One Wednesday per month we will open the doors of the Lab to anyone to use for their creative purpose. Need some writing time? Need to learn lines for an audition? Need to stretch and get physical? Just need a space to think amongst creative minds?  All are welcome at the OPEN HOUSE. There are no rules – only empty space waiting to be filled.

You can see why I love this organization. Hopefully something up there piques your interest.





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