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July 28, 2013

Sunday Roundup – July 28

Things are ramping back up again for the fall, and I’m starting to work on shows with Bound to Create Theatre and Obsidian Theatre and Theatre Rusticle and Modern Times Stage Company, and adding in a three-part social media workshop with DTRC/Artist’s Health Centre this fall and teaching at Ryerson again, also in fall and putting a few more irons in the fire for September.

A reminder It’s Always You has two more shows as part of Best Fringe up at the TCA. And then that’s it!

Last week was a bit of a visual and aural week, as words weren’t quite doing it for me. Here you go!

Live Love Art… Vive l’amour de l’art…

art and architecture and music – paintings and places to read and listen to this

it’s the LabCab Festival: Parkdale!

What Should I Read Next? Here You Go!

Quick video to remind us that even things that are possible the dullest thing to watch can benefit from a good ad. Love it.

September 21, 2012

Linky Friday


What a week. You might have noticed I’m working on a few things.

Opening shows…you printed and distributed the postcards and posters, and got the pre-press, and booked the ads, and created the Facebook page and you can’t seem to talk to anyone without mentioning the show you’re working on and offering dates and details and here, just take a flyer. You’ve created the buzz.

Is anyone coming? All you can do is hope so. Well, I mean you could rent a bus and drive round the city and tell people to get in, you’re taking them to a play, but you probably don’t have an F class license and –  really? Calm down.

A few links this week I’d been saving for a rainy day – today seems appropriate.

Why are you in business? The first question brands should answer
According to Mr. Sinek, by focusing on the “what” and “how,” companies miss an important opportunity to connect with customers by explaining the “why” behind the brand. When you address the why, you get to the true essence of a company and have an excellent platform for customers to relate to it.

I Want To Put You In  Category – thought this was was interesting, given the work I do.

Collaboration in kind: arts and business partnerships beyond the cheque
Despite the financial element to transactions such as these, the real strength of this approach lies in exchanges that are not based purely on money. While Robertson admits that straightforward philanthropy plays a sizable part in the funding of most arts organisations, including his own, he firmly believes that “the healthiest relationships are often based on something a bit deeper than that”

Wonderful. Happy Friday  – second preview for Proud, second show for HOMEbody. I’m outta here.

September 16, 2012

Sunday Roundup – September 16

What a week last week. And my birthday!

How Much Can You Pay?

Dear Rob

Hiding Words – ticket deal!

A Show and Change From a Twenty

My dear Rob post went kind of crazy with thousands of hits. Clearly it struck something in people and I’m glad it did.

I also saw Hiding Words (for you) last night – get on that ticket deal – it’s a wonderful piece of theatre.

You should grab a coffee and settle in to read The Charlebois Post this morning – Miles Potter has a piece in it on Proud

Speaking of which, Proud starts previews this week – Thursday and Friday.  And HOMEbody opens this week – hope you have your tickets to one or the other or both.

September 13, 2012

A Show and Change from a Twenty


Quick post today as I’m off to spend the afternoon watching a runthrough of HOMEbody . Also a quick but might big thank you to everyone who shared my Dear Rob post-  that got pretty wild in terms of web hits.

So! The answer is – between $6.00 and $20.00. That’s what we’re paying when we can. Other answers included “whatever the suggested rate is”.

Happy Thursday!

What Do You Pay at a Pay What You Can?

$6 – $10 38%
$16 – $20 23%
$11 – $15 19%
$20+ 8%
Other answer… 8%
$1 – $5 4%
August 30, 2012

An Announcement from Metcalf and A Dance Current Job Op

Announcement: New Programs to Support Performing Arts – Town Hall Meetings, Metcalf Foundation

In June 2012, the Metcalf Foundation decided to bring down the curtain on their Strategic Initiatives funding program.  Over the past 12 years, Metcalf has awarded 115 SI grants to 84 different small and mid-sized professional performing arts companies in Toronto, representing a total financial commitment of over $11 million.

Metcalf remains committed to its work of building multi-year partnerships with organizations in the performing arts, conscious of the importance of a healthy performing arts sector to a strong and vibrant city.  During 2012, the Foundation has been examining the SI program in order to determine how we can be more effective with our support for these companies and build collective impact by enabling collaborative learning or activity.

In the fall of 2012, they will be announcing a significant new program to support the performing arts.  They will be presenting our framework for this new program in three town hall meetings.

September 11, 2012; 3:30 pm at The Citadel (the studios of Coleman Lemieux et compagnie, 304 Parliament Street at Dundas)

September 12, 2012; 12:00 pm at the Canadian Music Centre (20 St. Joseph Street, one block north of Wellesley at Yonge)

September 19, 2012; 9:30 am at The Fringe Creation Lab (720 Bathurst Street, Suite 403, south of Bloor

In addition to presenting the new program, the Foundation will be looking for important input from the sector regarding specific areas of focus for our work in the upcoming year.  Please RSVP for one of these town hall meetings by contacting Program Director Michael Jones ( or Grants Manager Heather Dunford


Request for Proposals to Provide Management Services, CADAC

CADAC is seeking an independent managing consultant to lead the organization through a pivotal period in its development and beyond. The consultant will work closely with the Board, members and stakeholders to manage all aspects of the not-for-profit’s business and guide the organization towards greater autonomy and sustainable self-sufficiency.  CADAC (Canadian Arts Data) is an independent not-for-profit corporation serving professional arts organizations and funding bodies at all levels of government across Canada.

The deadline for proposals is September 20th, 2012. The Request for Proposals is linked below.

August 16, 2012

When Did Marketing Become Important?

Fun toy for a Thursday  – Google Books Ngram Viewer.

When you enter phrases into the Google Books Ngram Viewer, it displays a graph showing how those phrases have occurred in a corpus of books (e.g., “British English”, “English Fiction”, “French”) over the selected years.

So I punched in “marketing” and “advertising” to see what came up:


It’s always fun to look at graphs, and with this one determine just where MadMen sits within in. Then you can go a step further if you click on the date selections below the graph, you can find out which books they’re looking in.

1854 – The Handbook for Advertisers

1841 – Marketing Series, Issues 41-60

Fantastic. Have fun with it – if you come up with anything really cool, let me know.

June 5, 2012

Fringe Marketing? Meet Your Future

Fringe is in a few weeks! Have you made some choices yet? Go to the spanky fun new website and pick some shows!
I may have mentioned The 100 in previous posts, but – they’ve launched. They’re real now – they aren’t just hopes and dreams and google application docs – they’re – a force.
Fun fact: am doing a marketing workshop panel for this force in a couple of weeks and I can’t wait.
The 100 is just that – 100 young theatre lovers aged 17-24 who will be part of a  12 day immersive theatre entrepreneur bootcamp at the Fringe Festival.

The Members of the 100, get behind-the-scenes access and a free VIP pass to Toronto’s largest theatre festival.

They get on the ground immersion while producing street theatre and guerrilla marketing that they will have creative control over.

They will be launched into the middle of the action and given hands-on experience working alongside Fringe staff and networking with top indie theatre artists and mentors from the ‘biz’.

More info on the Praxis blog from their fearless leader Pip – Five Reasons You Wish You Could Be In My Youth outreach Program. My favourite part?
As the Youth Outreach Coordinator for the Toronto Fringe Festival, I am finally achieving a Fringe Dream five years in the making: I get to hang out at the Fringe Club all day long while people come visit me in my clubhouse, The 100 Salon. No, seriously, I have a salon

I think I know where I will be when I’m not in a show.

Look at these people. Look closely. Yes, they are chewing on my business cards. This is the future (the very near, in just over a month future) of Fringe marketing.

I can’t wait.

May 25, 2012

Modern Dance, Canada Council News, Internet Gender and Summer Reading

Four disparate things, but I figure it’s Friday so it might be nice to graze.

From the Huff Post – What the Heck Is Modern Dance? – a question many have asked and I think this article is a good answer. “Sometimes it would seem audiences are afraid of modern dance because it’s not evident what it’s about, or what you’re supposed to get walking away from it.”

A week after Compass changes (four deadlines a year to two) the Canada Council Flying Squad is doing some reviewing of  its own.
I tweeted this yesterday:
OAC Compass deadlines down to two from four, now Canada Council Flying Squad Oct. deadline “on hold for program evaluation.” hmmm…

and a colleague responded:
@sueedworthy Result of flat-lined funding for the Councils. Will be same $$ for 6 years for most companies which means 15% behind inflation.

If that’s the case, I liked the phrasing in the press release: “With our financial situation stable for the next three years, we can move forward with this review as part of our ongoing efforts to ensure our programs continue to be relevant, cost-effective and responsive to the changing needs of the community.”

New book in the Summer Reading Section!

And finally – infographics! If you’re segmenting your marketing efforts in a boy-girl-boy kind of way,  this is kind of neat.  From

May 18, 2012

Long Weekend!

It’s the start of the summer long weekends! Maybe you have cottage plans, maybe you’re getting the boat out from wherever you put it, gardening or planting flowers or maybe you’re an artist/entrepreneur who is compromising by dragging your laptop outside to continue getting work done.

With the last thought in mind, here are a few bits to read, to try and to think about.

From the ever-fabulous Avery Swartz – How to Get Your Business Online If You Can’t Afford a Web Designer. “professional web services can be expensive, especially if you’re just starting out.  If you have some time and enthusiasm, you can create a simple website on your own, and save the big design bucks for when you’re a little more established.”

Perhaps you’re finishing up your Facebook page before you start asking people to like it all over the place – from Drew’s Marketing Minute – 9 Keys to Wicked Awesome Landing Pages. And we’ve all spent time uploading photos and things only to be told the photo is the wrong size, not big enough or realize the photo is giant and can’t be seen properly. Here’s a cheat sheet.

Another article from the always interesting Guardian – How could technology change theatre criticism for good?  “While words alone can create a rich tapestry of critical response, imagine how much richer this might be with the addition of images, video, audio, geotagging, experimental forms such as Pinterest – the list goes on. Despite having such options at their fingertips, the majority of those writing theatre criticism for the web remain trapped in the conventional print review format: a block of text that often tries to avoid spoilers. Myriad possibilities are there, but it seems we’re slow to adopt them.”

Finally I was part of a workshop yesterday for CDA (Canadian Dance Assembly) where William Yong and I and his tech partner Elysha Poirier spoke about technology and communities and using technology both to promote and create your art. It was a good discussion, thought-provoking. Head over to the Zata Omm website to see what they’re working on. Very cool, very interesting stuff.

Have a lovely long weekend, if you’re working in an office, hope you get to close early today and go for a cool drink on a patio!

March 4, 2012

Sunday Roundup – March 4

Let’s get to it.

Meetings, Grants, Meetings and a New City – a lot of meetings last week for everyone.

Tomorrow is the 12 hour Arts Marathon – your update on what was going to happen during #12hAM.

February 29 – Arts Marathon – weather conditions, clothing conditions and equipment. For the rest of the day is was all on Twitter at #12hAM.

Job Posting: Executive Director, Toronto Fringe -self explanatory.

Art Is Too Expensive and There’s Nothing to Do Anyway. – the culmination of #12hAM – with pictures!

Blog Post from Mission Paradox – Is Admin an Art? Good article. Good question. And I agree with the final answer.

Today is an admin day, no doubt about that. And some of it consists of government forms and try as I might, there is no art in them.I cannot find it for the life of me. But as in life, some things have to be done.

But after than I’m doing a social media plan for one new client, and reading the play of another, then figuring out a marketing nad PR plan for that play,  and figuring out a VIP list of just who needs to see the art of another client. And I’m also going to start thinking of visual ideas for some online advertising for someone else.

Three pages of government forms ain’t nothin’ compared to doing the rest of it. Have a good day.

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