Excitement, Inc – Mission Paradox

From a great blog post from MP

“Why is this live?

That’s the question that Jordan Roth asked during the first TedxBroadway and I swear the question has haunted me ever since.
For those of us that work in the live entertainment/art world that is the cornerstone question.  Why is this particular experience worthy of the cost, time, energy and just plain hassle that comes with making it happen live? read more

Tonight I was at a Summerworks show, was at one last night too. Why do we do this, go to places with lots of stairs and folding chairs, with plastic drink cups and isn’t “temperature controlled for our comfort”?

Because it is here and it is now and maybe you go with friends or go alone and find friends.  But we are all there, and all there for a reason – and it’s happening in front of us and those on the stage and in the wings are there too and it’s happening for them too and we’re all in it together.

And that’s why – it’s a communal experience. It will never be the same again. Sure there are X more performances, and you might go again, or a friend of yours might see it next week – but it will never be the same again.  This was your live experience.

Go or you’ll miss it.

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