#FringeTO – July 12 – Day Ten and “Why Theatre?”

Closing in on the final weekend of Fringe and boy are my arms tired! (you know…from flogging shows…okay fine, it’s not that good a joke. I’m tired.)

Best of Fringe and all that good stuff can be found here, and before you go charging off, please take a look in your Fringe bag, which was lovely and prepared on day one, but now – maybe not so much. So go get another Chapstick, and a fresh sunscreen, refill your water bottle and fix the pin on your tip the Fringe button (or get another one) and get on with the final weekend!

What’s Going On


Alumni Party last night at the Tranzac a lovely wonderful time, so great to see so many years of Fringe represented and celebrated. When I was leaving Ellie-Ray Hennessey stopped me to ask if I would be interviewed for a Theatre Ontario video for a minute to answer the question – “why theatre?” And of course YES I will and ran to put on lipstick and I hope I said something halfway intelligent. We’ll see.

And earlier yesterday, along with a fantastic meeting with Soheil from Modern Times,  I’d come across what I thought was a great post from Seven Sentences“Too often we chase things that are not sacred, or we pursue our work with an unhealthy attitude AND we lose touch with the uniqueness of who we are and what we have to offer.”

Why theatre? I joke a lot, I say things like, “what else am I supposed to do? be bored? Or worse – be boring?” and threaten to go work as a claims adjuster in Scranton, and point out that we are a hit at cocktail parties – but the work we do – why we’re a hit at cocktail parties?

Because we forget sometimes that what we do is extraordinary. The making something out of nothing, the spirit of generosity, the hit the deadline, the midnight emails, the rehearsals, phone calls, do you need, can I have, yes you can, please and thank you  – we make magic on a daily basis. The, “yeah we can do that” never “that’s impossible“, the pride and the bravos not just for the arias but for the finding of the cable we need 45 minutes before show.

This is not a post of arrogance, but of truth. The joy and pride I take in that I am fortunate enough not to sell shoes or shill for body parts, which are important, I agree, we need shoes and body parts – but me? I get to shill for magic that can change your life.

I talked at length to people today about audience response, not just applause but audience members holding their breath at songs, or call and responding in a show that wasn’t audience participation, I talked about a show from ten years ago that still gives me goosebumps.

A Fringe show at Factory the day of the flooding no power madness said if they couldn’t do the show in the theatre, they’d do it in the courtyard.

Hume Baugh’s Facebook status the other day: “8 scenes of Shrew in our first preview with no power (microphones, lights, sound, cue lights) until it got too dark to play. proving once again that when everything else is taken away, what is left is theatre.”

Who DOES that?

We do.  That’s “why theatre”.

2 Comments to “#FringeTO – July 12 – Day Ten and “Why Theatre?””

  1. Sue – tears in my eyes. Exactly why I’m so pumped to come back to this sector and make magic happen for people. xoxox Shana

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