Uh – thanks? Edited

ETA 11:25 am May 22  – Due to unforseen circumstances, the Wednesday May 22 evening performance of The Charge of the Expormidable Moose has been cancelled. If you have purchased tickets in advance for this evening’s performance, please contact the Tarragon Box Office at 416.531.1827. We are pleased that the remaining performances will continue as scheduled, visit the One Little Goat website for updates. Many thanks!


Sorry – I got distracted by work stuff and other stuff. So much stuff.

Let’s see   – we do not have a casino. Thank you city council.

We do have a mayor who has made the Daily Show, and not in a cool “being interviewed for his newest book on great city building” kind of way. I don’t know who to thank for that.

We do have a Prime Minister in Peru. Uh – thanks?

Moving on. Mission Paradox is back!

When I begin working with people I often ask this question: Give me an example of marketing that you really like or love.

The ones that end up struggling the most with their marketing don’t like anything that anyone is doing. One of the side effects of modern life is our ability to find the flaw in anything.  We can rip big organizations for being greedy or small ones for not being ambitious enough. Read more

This of course gets me to thinking – the post a while back on What You’ve Got is What I Need let’s add that to the list – stuff you’ve seen and liked. And we’re not getting into the “well of course it’s great, they had hundreds of thousands of dollars” thing. I’ve seen terrible marketing for a quarter of a million, I’ve seen great marketing for a hundred dollars plus tax (true story). And let’s look at the stuff you’ve done previously. The (in)consistency can tell me a great deal.

Trapped in the house today waiting for a UPS delivery. I’ve received  the coveted “somewhere between 10:30 a.m. and 7 pm” slot. Besides working on press kits for Sister Mary’s a Dyke (previews May 25!) and pulling press quotes for Dumbwaiter (runs through June 2!) and some work for the final week of Moose I’ll be doing this today – Ten Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Small Business

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