Video Thursday

My lord it’s cold out. It’s getting to that time of year where we start actively disliking our heavy winter boots, and being annoyed by the amount of time it simply takes to dress to go somewhere.

I was out in it anyway for a meeting with Cahoots Theatre Company and it seems we will be working together in the next few months and I look forward to it.

Man, it’s cold out – videos for you to watch!

First up is Andy McKim – Andy is the AD of Theatre Passe Muraille and they have gotten super good at audience engagement. In this video he says, “we need a sea change in institutional culture if we are to have any impact on issues of engagement.” I completely agree. You should bookmark this and watch it in pieces. Think about it, make notes, take notes, make changes, come up with ideas.

No coals to the castle, this was a really good keynote – you’ll see why I have so much respect for Andy.

Next up! This one has indeed gone viral and once you watch it you’ll see why – it’s mesmerizing, painful in its beauty and very very true. I know sometimes we start watching a video online and then start doing other things as well, but this seven minutes is not the time to multi-task. Attention must be paid.


Got Five? This one might cost you seventy-five cents. Call directory assistance from your provider – cell phone, landline etc and try to get the number for your organization, asking for your company name as people know it/refer to it. Can you get the number?

Check your website on your smart phone – iPhone, Blackberries, Androids, all of them – see if your contact number is immediately visible on your main page, and bonus points if it’s set to dial/connect when you click it.

This has been a PSA for anyone standing in the cold a block from your organization (where they are supposed to be right now) and trying to get a hold of your company by phone.

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