Sunday Round-Up February 3

And with that, it’s February.

Plays and tots and language and acronyms

Who Are Your A Clients?

A Night of Celebration and How to Hail A Cab

It was a really – thick – week of art last week. I started it by going to the reading of Brad Fraser’s new play Kill Me Now and still haven’t quite found the right words to explain it, so I’m stealing Martin Julien’s: Tonight’s reading of Brad Fraser‘s new play KILL ME NOW restored to me some faith in the power of the traditionally well-made realist drama. Brad does this by placing important and contradictory human issues and impulses on an accessible stage and demands that they be visible as part of our public discourse, not just as pathologised and politicized talking points, but as moving, flesh-and-blood provocations. Bravo.

Thursday was the opening of Kardionic – absolutely wonderful work. An amazing split between a very organic free flowing feeling and a much more precise, “scientific” look. Like two shows in one. go and see.

Friday – grant grants grants. It may be words and budgets, but it’s still art.

In between all this we managed to create a new page called current clients that will list everything about shows I’m working on all in one spot, for my sake as well as yours. It will go up this week.  Also made a fun little page/slideshow called twitter-monials. I figure if folks are kudo-ing you on twitter, might as well put them all in one spot and use it. I also think it’s a good way to keep the social in social media and share back some info about the tweeting folks.

Absolutely fun day with Dahlia Katz yesterday with new headshots and Nina Simone. I was there longer than I anticipated, so I didn’t make it to Totsapalooza, but based on this photo, I don’t know there was room for a latecomer. Congrats one and all.

Little bit of Nina for your morning coffee or tea.

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