Who Are Your A Clients?

Be advised that I am writing this post on my new to me iPad. Bear with me.

Got a tweet yesterday from a workshop participant who was at B(art)er a couple of weeks ago, saying that my advice on A, B, C, and D had proved invaluable to her.

And I will confess that although I remembered her, and our chat about her business, and that she was lovely and smart, I hadn’t the faintest idea what I’d told her about ABCD. Was it an acronym? Always Be Careful, Darnit? A Brave Cowboy Doesn’t – what?

They always say to sleep on it. So I did.

Your clients! A B C D!

Something we learned about in entrepreneuse school was not just who are the top type of clients you want to work with – but who don’t you want to work with?

(I suppose this is aimed primarily at my freelancers audience, but I think it works for anyone who deals with customers and clients on a regular basis.)

So what is an A client? I think it depends on you. (item: I have no C and D clients. You learn. In fact I learned before I left Enrepreneuse school.)

You need to think not just about what you want from you client, but what your client expects from you. You need to ask yourself some questions from the very basic including how quickly did the contract sig get turned around and how fast the deposit cheque came through.

(A client? In face meeting for both of you to sign and cheque is in hand.)

Ask yourself a few other questions. How far in advance did they request your services?again, these are general questions, not necessarily hard and fast rules. If the above doesn’T happen, it doesn’t make them a bad client. Each scenario is different.

Things I look for in an A or B client: a good project, one I like, one I’ve been contacted early enough to give attention to. Enthusiasm, an idea that we are working as a team on your project – I am the marketer. It is your company, I like the fact that we get to work together. It’s great when we’re on the same response time schedule. I love it when we’re expending the same level of energy and it is a true give and take. And I really love when we both respect that we are each good at what we do, and that our work complements each other in the name of art.

In other words, you need to think about why you’re doing this for a living, there are plenty of jobs you could get where you could be unhappy. At least you’d have dental. No point in being unhappy working for yourself.

My lovely and talented intern Lisa will be guest blogging on and off the next couple of months about her experiences in the field. Be nice to her, she’s great.

In the next few days, I’ll be adding a new page to the site called Current Clients, so you and I can see just what i’m working on with who and when. Think of it as an internal list made external – with press releases and YouTube links. Will keep you posted as to when it goes up. I like the idea of a current/future client page, not just a past client page.

All right. This has been my first iPad WordPress post. I am still on the iFence. It has taken me an hour as i am figuring out the multiple keyboards and i don’t quite know how to link or bold things yet. I will learn, you will follow my adventures. See you soon!

One Comment to “Who Are Your A Clients?”

  1. I’ll need that participant to provide a video testimonial (lol). For the iPad keypad, download Swype to make typing faster.

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