Sunday Round-Up November 25

Before I dive into a three-scripts-to-read day, I’d like to mention I have no idea who this dog is calling. Or why he doesn’t have a cell phone. Or where he got change to make the call.

And so here we are, rounding up last week:

It’s Tuesday – indeed it was.

Clocks Youth and Burgers – Didn’t get to see the Clock the Burger Ball was a great success (search #burgerball) and I’m happy to report the field trip ad designs are in so expect to see them sometime next week.

You Just Proved Advertising Works – well, you did.

Someone asked me the other day who I’ve been working with lately so here you go. I’m still working with Michael on past, present and future stuff for Proud, tying up some social media work for Young Associates, doing the marketing/social media for Expect Theatre and Awake for Next Stage, social media for OCAF, just finished lending a hand to Arts & Lies Productions, working on a strat plan with Small Print Toronto, and still more planning with Math Out Loud. So there you go. Things in the hopper, other irons in the fire, hence the reading of scripts today. Busy and happy with great projects.

Also – an article on Facebook and Edgerank – so everyone calm down. Thanks Rebecca! There’s also a great one in this week’s MacLean’s – have a read. I’m still not clear where anyone got the idea that all their fans would see all their posts all the time. If you had flyers, postcards, print ads, direct mail – would you have thought everyone had seen them? Even if they were up in the theatre you worked out of, or your admin offices? Food for thought.

Have a good Sunday.


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