22 Rules to Live By

A reminder that Nuit Blanche is this weekend! Go see some art!
Proud is humming along nicely and you should go see that too.
And it looks like I’m going to be doing some social media work with Young  Associates! AND with Small Print Toronto! AND I’m working with OCAF! AND an October Workshop with Work in Culture!
Fall is looking pretty darned good to me.
I thought this was great. From Bob Bly Copywriter / Consultant – 22 Rules to Live By
1-Show up for appointments 10 minutes early.2-Customers are not always right, but they must be treated as if they are.

3-When speaking before groups, dress up one level from what the group is wearing; e.g., if they wear shorts and tee shirts, you wear business casual.

4-Never offer unsolicited advice.

5-Leave your ego at the door.

6-Don’t waste people’s time by sending them jokes or stories via e-mail.

7-Do not brag by talking about your accomplishments to people who didn’t ask you about them.

8-Be humble.

9-Proofread your e-mails before you send them.

10-80% of your activity should be in your comfort zone, and 20%  outside it. This keeps you both productive and challenged.

11-Of the people who opt into your e-list, 90% of those who eventually buy from you will do so within 90 days of subscribing to the list.

12-The more recently a customer had made a purchase, the more likely he is to do so again.

13-Old but good advice: under-promise and over-deliver.

14-Don’t give your customers their money’s worth. Give them more than their money’s worth.

15-The easiest way to add value to an offer is with a free bonus gift.

16-The most powerful words in the English language are “free” and “you.”

17-Do unto others as they would have you do unto them.

18-Spend time with your children while they are still young enough to want you to spend time with them.

19-Neither a borrower or a lender be.

20-Don’t be so sure you are right. Perhaps you are not.

21-Life is short – over in the blink of an eye. So enjoy it now.

22-Avoid discussing religion or politics with colleagues or customers. There is little to gain from it and much to lose.

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