Yesterday’s Marketing Quiz and Get Ready for Fringe!

Yesterday’s post had a quick link to a marketing quiz, and I said I absolutely agreed with the correct answer. Why?

It goes back to your audience – knowing who they are and interacting with them. And it ties into the Fringe Festival – which is coming up next week!

There are over 150 shows to see. How do people choose? They talk to other people. And as a marketer of your (or your friend’s) Fringe show, you should talk to people as well. I spend a lot of time seeing shows, and at the Fringe Club. Something that makes me sad is the flyer handed to me, or dropped on the table in front of me without a word.  Phantom flyers. Sure a flyer has all the information – times, dates, image, Fringe logo, blurb – but I would have preferred talking to you about your show and why I should see it. (Item: talking. NOT pitching. I hate being pitched, it’s not a dialogue. I once told someone to stop pitching at me and they didn’t. Forget it.)

If you can get people truly interested in your work, they will tell others. Pretty much guaranteed. If you silently drop a flyer in front of me it’s pretty much guaranteed it will stay on that table until it gets thrown away. I don’t remember who dropped this piece of paper in front of me. I do remember talking to people about their show.

Talk. Exchange ideas. Interact. The Fringe Club is one of the best places on earth to talk to other artists and other folks who love art (which there is a TON of this year. A TON.) I know you’re running around like a maniac, postering, flyering lineups, everything. But the two minutes it takes to become a real person and talk – that’s what will sell you a ticket. (Item: If you’re not good at being a real person, you can still talk to me as your character. I will talk to you. I’ve had more conversations with Morro and Jasp then I have with Heather and Amy and loved every one.)

SIX DAYS till the Fringe! I’m choosing my shows and booking my tickets today.

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