(do not) Click ALL the Likes!

Part of my business involves social media, creating Facebook pages, twitter feeds, websites and the like for clients.

What always interests me is how to make sure clients don’t think I will be finding all the fans and followers for the page. So far, none of my clients have thought that was part of the deal, but what will  the answer be for those who think that’s how it works?

Why not?

Because it’s not my page. It’s their page. I might invite a few very targeted people to like or follow , but only if I know they will be genuinely interested in the content.

Don’t get me wrong, the ones that are doable include – other related organizations, folks who are already connected, sure no problem. But liking for the sake of liking?

What happens when I ask all my friends, fans, followers to “like” the client’s page, and then my contract ends? A few things:

1) you’ve got a heck of a lot of followers that aren’t necessarily interested in your project. They liked it because I suggested it. You’ve got quantity but not necessarily quality.

2) my reputation is shot. We’ve all had Facebook “friends” we never hear from unless they are inviting us to like yet another page or attend yet another event.  It doesn’t seem to matter if I’d care to like or attend, or even if I’d be interested, it’s all about inviting as many people as possible. Uh-uh. Bad marketing.

I ask folks to like things if I genuinely think they’d be interested without my recommendation, or if they are somehow already connected – it isn’t hard, this Six Degrees of the Arts Community.  It’s  quality control. It’s knowing your audience.

Remember folks – although Facebook pages and Twitter feeds are just another tool in your box of marketing tricks, next to the posters and the press release and just behind the stack of flyers – they’re different. Know your audience. Get to know them better through your pages and tweets. In turn, they’ll know and get to know you, and become a truly amazing part of your marketing team.

It’s a team effort, this marketing thing. It’s not about me swooping in. It’s about figuring out what works best for you, for your event or company and who you are trying to talk with in the first place. It’s about real followers and fans, and I think most importantly, you knowing how to do this yourself when we’re done working together. And doing it well. When all is said and done I want your fans and followers there because they know and like you, know and like your work, and are genuinely engaged.

A one-off event is one thing, but a longer term, bigger picture strategy is completely different. If you’re trying to maintain a presence for your work in the social media and marketing world, especially in the in-between times, drop me a line –  we should chat.

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