Sunday/Long Weekend Roundup and Summer Reading

What a gorgeous weekend, beautiful out every single day – from Facebook I can tell there was gardening, cottaging, relaxing, Criminal Minds marathons, BBQs and fireworks – sounds about right for May 2-4.

Last week – what went on?

Sheep Nation, Princess Aduwuaamban, and advice from the Lang Sisters – another fabulous salon at Pentimento Gallery

Info from the OAC – Reduction Policies and Compass Grants

Long Weekend! – some bits and pieces about upcoming workshops and things to read.

Most folks who know me know that I read a lot, and I especially love reading in the summer on the balcony. And most of my book-lovin’ friends usually look to each other for recommendations. With this, I bring to you a PSA – Summer Reading. If I read anything really good, I’ll post it and would love if you would share suggestions there as well.

Coming up tomorrow – fundraising gone wild! – a PSA link to every indie go go and crowdsource and go fund me campaign that folks I know are working on.

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