Bits and Pieces Tuesday

Harold Awards last night and as always a good time was had by all. As I said in my Facebook status – What a great night. People I love getting hardcore recognition and fancy trophies, seeing people I don’t get to see enough, hugs and laughing and some welling up – the Harolds are different every year except that the love is the same. Congrats to the recipients and the committee. Delighted there is a new Award – The Annual Volunteer Appreciation Award and doubly delighted it went to Barbara Fingerote as its first recipient.

Working on a Workshop I’m doing for CDA on May 17th – click here for details.

The Fringe Creation Lab has launched their IndieGoGo campaign! Skip a coffee or two and donate the proceeds to keeping an important rehearsal space going  – five bucks buys an hour of rehearsal time. If you want to, you could donate more. If you want the coffee anyway, that’s up to you, but be prepared to lie awake, tossing and turning, haunted by the thought of artists with no space to work.

Seems there are online fundraising campaigns going on everywhere you look, but we still lag behind the US of A. Click here to find out why it’s easier to crowdfund down south.

Final thought – RIP sir. Your genius will be missed

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