Sunday Roundup – April 1

No April Fools’ jokes – I’m honestly not any good at them. You go ahead though.

Last week!

It’s World Theatre Day! – and it was. And I’m not entirely sure how we celebrated it, but I hope we did.

A Day In Memes – oh you liked this one – highest number of likes in a long time.

These Books Are Overdue – it wasn’t the fines throwing me off, it was the I am done with these and they should have gone back by now feeling. Librarians are back. I brought them flowers. And I’ll bring the books today.

Federal and Provincial Budgets – What Do They Mean for the Arts?   – bless Susan Wright and the Toronto Arts Foundation for making sense out of it all so I can just hit share or post.

Of note on Facebook today – Max Reimer’s status update: God of Carnage is coming, giving the donors, subscribers and ticket buyers the full 2011/12 Vancouver Playhouse main stage season they paid for and supported! Even more importantly, we have an opportunity to show our numbers in support for more Playhouse; getting the tickets sold, the seats occupied and the supporters in the house. A rush ticket can be purchased at the door for $20.

In client news – Some Assembly Required – a gallery showing by Lisa Anita Wegner is up this month, I’ll be doing another social media workshop with Gallery 1313 at the top of May, OCAF will soon have a great little new microsite for its updated guidelines to apply, and Proud has a venue and performance dates and nation-wide fundraisers picking up steam.  And I’m signing on this week to do the marketing and PR for a festival dedicated to Edward Bond and his work. In case you were wondering what I do all day.

It’s a grey rainy day. Have another cup of coffee or tea and read the paper. I myself have to pack up – I’m going on a staff retreat of one to do some visioning and long-term planning for this business o’ mine, so no blog posts for the next couple of days and I may not be as quick draw on the email and the Blackberry. Just so you know.

Happy Sunday!

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