Linky Wednesday

Some things I’ve found while clearing out my bookmarks.

Why Don’t Theatres Talk To Each Other More? – again from the Guardian.  When I saw the title, I assumed it was about the dilemma of the “fours openings, one night” that seems to happen a great deal here in Toronto. Despite the opening night directory that TAPA has, the problem of who gets the press is a frequent one.

This is more about not sharing marketing resources and PR – and that made it even more interesting. I think we do share this way more than the companies in the article – I think we do program stuffing, postcards at the box office, show this ticket and get X% of another company’s show and vice versa.
Do we?


4 Inspiring Examples of Digital Storytelling – some beautiful stuff.


Yesterday a message arrived in my inbox inviting me to check out Artscape’s newest venture,  ArtscapeDIYFind out about Artscape’s new online source for tools and resources, Artscape DIY. Learn more about  Artscape and its history as well as programs and services offered through Artscape’s Knowledge Exchange Program. 

For anyone interested or involved in creative placemaking – this is your website. You must go check it out.




2 Comments to “Linky Wednesday”

  1. The ArtscapeDIY site looks amazing! What a resource… having another jealousy pang over the amazing state of the arts in Canada.

    • I’m really impressed – this was in its gantt chart infancy when I was at Artscape – so pleased that its available, and so impressse with the folks I worked with!

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