Bits and Pieces of Art and Enterprise

It’s that first full week back and everyone is jumping in head or feet first and so it’s been busy. Add in the Next Stage festival and you’ve got yourself day and night busyness.

Last weekend for the afore-mentioned festival, things selling out all over the place so I recommend you find out what still has tickets and get one in advance  – then pre show go chill in the (heated) beer tent,  listen to some music, meet some folks and chat and then head in to see a play – Mooney on Theatre and NOW have reviewed them all should you require some guidance.

I’m looking forward to seeing Golden Dragon tonight at Tarragon.

I looked at my calendar and realized I will hear a yea or nay on two exciting projects by tomorrow. Friday the 13th indeed.

A reminder that if you’re thinking about any of the following – it is the new year, after all –  we should chat.

  • marketing plans for next season or your next project;
  • boosting your social media impact, and creating a proper social media policy;
  • organizational development;
  • making the most of your communications efforts.

Another reminder if you think the cupboard is bare and it’s not in the budget to hire, upcoming deadlines include:

Compass Grant deadline March 1 for more info.
Flying Squad deadline April 1 for more info.

And a story in the Star today that made me smile.

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