39% seems – high.

Apparently only 39% of those working (this) week expect to be productive.

I figure you can do one of two things.

1) You can be the “gotta get it done before the holidays!” person, or be the person that inflicts that on others. I view this as sort of an arbitrary deadline, finishing for the sake of finishing. Unless it’s an actual deadline like a grant proposal or something, the push to finish something this week can be frustrating as all get out. It assumes everyone is on the same holiday schedule as you are, and that they are of the same mindset. I do understand to a point, you want to start fresh in the New Year etc, but pause for a moment – is your “gotta” assignment really “gotta” or is franticity taking over for the sake of it?

2) You also need to know your audience and industry. I sense not a lot will be done from now through New Years in many of the organizations I work with. We work incredibly hard 50 weeks of the year, and the time between now and New Year’s is a well deserved break. Perhaps yours is the same. I like the suggestion of the woman in the article – it’s the time to get stuff done that you never seem to get to during the year due to distractions and life. So for the next couple of days I’m cleaning up my mailing lists, clearing out old files and doing general organization – that to me is the fresh start to the New Year.

Other things to do include:

A thorough cleaning of your desk, phone, keyboard, monitor.

Clean out your inbox (or the 1237 unread messages you’ve deleted but are still in your trash. Really? Ctl+A then delete. My God. They’re on a server somewhere, they don’t need to be in your inbox/trash. Besides it’s slowing your computer down).

Fix all the email addresses that bounced back lately. While you’re at it, do a dupe search and destroy.

Go to the dentist, the eye doctor, the RMT. Take this quiet time to use up calendar year benefits.

Take lunch.  Not at your desk, not in the breakroom, go somewhere else, sit down and eat your lunch.

All the reports you’ve gotten over the year? Read them. I recommend TAPA’s Indie Producers’ Theatre Guide and Creative Trust/PAONE’s Performing Arts Education Overview.

Go to the Next Stage Theatre Festival website and choose the shows you’re going to see and book them as soon as you get some Christmas money.

All of these things should get you to at LEAST 4:00 pm.  And today I think you should celebrate – it’s Winter Solstice and you’ve made it most of the way through the darkest day of the year – head down to Kensington Market tonight and shine your own light on this world of ours.

Keep it up – two more days! And for those who have already begun their journeys – safe travels.

2 Comments to “39% seems – high.”

  1. I like to think of it as the longest night of the year, instead of the darkest day….so many more possibilities!

    Just came from the dentist. Off to the spa, and dinner in the big city. Living the dream, baby! Merry ho ho to you, Miss Sue!

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