OMG Why Did He Un-friend Me?

It’s Tuesday of the week-that-never-ends and we’re getting closer!

Another infographic and a bonus article from the G&M on the ins and outs and whys of unfriending. It’s interesting to know why people unfriend, or leave your group or unlike your page so you can use that info wisely. Infographic below, full article from the Huff Post Canada here. Reasons they didn’t include that are big for me include thread-killing (commenting in a thread conversation with something that has nothing to do with anything/dampening the enthusiasm of the thread) and the event-friend (whom I may or may not know IRL,/six degrees, but apparently friended me only for the sake of inviting me to their events).

Two better options on my book are the “hide” feature so you can take a break from unnecessary drama if needed, or avoid Farmville/Bejeweled Blitz/other stupid game,  and the seemingly new “unfollow post” which is useful when the interesting discussion about the subprime mortgage crisis/parliamentary procedure/amazing art show  has turned into a two person argument of the merits of lizards vs ferrets as  house pets and if they’re allowed on the TTC.

Also a timely article on the oops factor of unfriending and the perils in real life.

Keep going my friends!

2 Comments to “OMG Why Did He Un-friend Me?”

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