Field Trips, Social Media Workshops and Indie Producing

Yesterday I chaperoned a school field trip with a friend – she teaches at Sir Oliver Mowat so the drama class headed downtown to check out the Commedia del Arte collection (permanent) at the Gardiner Ceramic Museum. Great students – smart, fun, funny and talented. We spent some time looking at various sculptures and they chose one each and drew it, bringing their sketch down to the clay studio, where they made sculptures of the Commedia characters. I must admit I wasn’t sure that a half hour lecture demo on how to make a sculpture would be enough information, but these kids were great and I will let you judge for yourself. Very impressive.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

After that I trundled off to a meeting with the Parkdale Village BIA and it looks like I’ll be giving a social media workshop for small businesses on February 15 as part of Social Media Week 2012.  If you are a member of the BIA they’ll be sending you info on how to get a seat – I’m excited – I love my neighbourhood.

And finally – looks like I’m in good company – the NOW Magazine Gift Guide has featured the TAPA Indie Producers’ Guide as a must have.

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