About Red.

The colour red and I have had a special something since I was three years old and needed my hats to be red, my boots, my everything. My mother didn’t understand. Last year I found a children’s’ book called Red Is Best in which Kelly”s mom doesn”t understand about red. Sure, the brown mittens are warmer, but the red mitts make better snowballs. And the red boots aren”t just for rain; they take bigger steps in any weather. And, yes, a red cup does make a difference… juice just doesn”t taste as good in a green one. No doubt about it, red is best.

I gave it to my Mom last year. She now gets it. Sort of.

And last night I went to see Red at Canadian Stage – and indeed – Red is best.

This is not a review, that’s not what I do here but you MUST go and see it.  Jim Mezon can be described no better than a bear on that stage – he is brilliant.  The discussion, the debate, the argument had between Rothko and his assistant about just what red is – is brilliant. And the canvas priming scene is amazing. Half the audience burst into applause. This should tell you something – if an audience is applauding a base coat – you need to see this show. I was enthralled.

I see a lot of finished art – in galleries, on friend’s walls and we talk a lot about art, and usually of the finished variety. To sit and listen to a conversation about why art is, who art is, can you get it, can you not, where are lives and how is changes – incredible. The program is a truly rich source of information, things to think about

I absolutely loved the show  – granted when I read the program after and saw that Kim Collier was at the helm I thought, “of course.” I’m going to buy the play – there was too much wordplay last night that I want to re-read so I can absorb it.

Go see. And yes I am wearing my cheerful red hat today – because Red is Best.


Sorry I have to re-post this – but it’s too important not to:  A Message From Friends of the Arts

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