Sunday Roundup – November 27

Quieter week than I thought, but busier than expected so here we go.

City Mouse, Country Mouse – check out Small Print Toronto’s latest initiative for small city builders.

Theatre, Books, Dance and Interactive Stuff That Makes me Happy – bits and pieces of things to see and read and play with.

I mentioned last week that I am on the Social Media Week 2012 Advisory Board – they are doing Spotlights on each member – so here I am.

Old joke from Mission Paradox: “How do you build a small fortune in the arts?”

It is the second last week of Entrepreneuse School – I can’t believe how quickly it’s gone and how much we’ve learned in ten weeks. Complete business plan in hand by the 6th of December.

Tomorrow I’ll be writing about the 1164 Cabaret I attended on Friday – what a marvelous time. So many interesting people both on and off stage include one woman who is a fantastic photographer.

Sigh  – the 2012 City Budget is being released tomorrow. Tomorrow we shall see what will happen in our city, what is deemed important, what is not.

Deputations to the Budget Committee are scheduled for the 7th. I’ll be there.

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