Sunday Roundup – November 20

Bit of breathing room this week  there were no deadlines at Entrepreneuse School, but a lot of art hit critical mass with things coming to and end and other things beginning. Off we go:

Some of my best friends are Equity members – Not being an Equity member myself, I sent you over to the Praxis blog to read about tonight`s meeting and some of the reasons it`s important. Still time to read this – the meeting is tonight at 7 pm at Wychwood Barns.

Day at the City and What Would you Do with a Brand New Space? – TAPA and Friends of the Arts Descended on City Hall to stress the importance of the cultural sector, and Regent Park Arts and Cultural Centre wants to know what you would do in their new theatre.

Embrace The Fear – Bit of a marketing tangent from me, inspired by a post from the Mission Paradox blog

Arts Funding petition  On November 29th, this petition will be presented at City Hall. This will be a vital time when councillors will be considering the 2012 Operating Budget. The petition is currently at 20,000 signatures which is fantastic! However, more would be even better. Please sign it if you haven’t already and pass it along. Thank you.

Lesson #54357 – How to Stay on a Comp List – no further explanation required.

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