Embrace the Fear

From the MissionParadox blog – which I quite like.

Feeling the fear

So a guy with a relatively high profile in the little world of the arts writes an article for the Huff Post.  In the article he talks about the “death” of traditional arts criticism and the growing influence of blogs, message boards, etc.

He described this change as a “scary trend.”

Moments after the article went live, I checked my Twitter feed (@missionparadox) and saw the predictable Tweets.  People jumped on the author for being “scared of the future” and trying to “maintain the status quo.”

Can I be honest for a second?

Both great articles. Both talk about a subject I find endlessly fascinating. How are we getting people interested in our art? What are we doing, when is it working?

Throw you another link from the Creative Trust website.

I can talk about, read about, listen to others talk about, how to get people into theatres forever. What worked?  What didn’t? How did you do it? Then what happened?

I embrace the fear. Niche marketing is my specialty – how to figure out if, I only have one postcard left, why you are the best person to give it it, if you are the person who will come see the show based on it. targeting audiences by demographic, by interest, by anything that makes me think they match the show I am working on is one of my favourite-est things to do. I read books on neuromarketing and try to figure out how to apply those techniques to getting people into art. I rephrase, I reframe and I storytell.

I often laugh that I “use my powers for good, not evil”.

I love what I do.

I should mention it was financials day in Entrepreneuse School today. I like financials, I’m good at them, today was a bit odd because I usually do my best numbering  with ACDC for company and that wasn’t an option, but it went well.

Still –  this post feels like coming home to do what I love best.

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